Thursday, November 27, 2014

snacking on thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.

It is a time to get together with family without any of the artificiality of mandatory gift-giving fouling the day.  Just family.  Food.  Witty conversation.  And the occasional post-feast game of Balderdash.

What I will be missing this year is the family portion of that equation.  And the Balderdash.  While I celebrate here in Mexico, my family be keeping the tradition alive in Oregon.

But I have managed to pull together an appetizer of what could have been.  My lunch will be three-year extra sharp white Cheddar cheese.  From Tillamook.  With a dab of Beaver sweet hot mustard (also from Oregon).  And a rationed pile of Boar's Head pepperoni (purchased during my last trip in Bend).

These paeans to Thanksgiving usually contain a list of what the author is thankful for.  Here is my take on that.  If you are not aware of the things that cause me to give thanks, either you have not been reading my essays closely -- or I am simply not a good writer.

But I will not be limiting myself to a few cheese and cracker snacks for my Thanksgiving dinner.  At 7, I am heading over to Rooster's, where I will share a meal with a restaurant full of people -- most of whom I know.  It may not be as good as sharing the day with my family, but it will suffice.

And I guess that, in itself, is plenty enough for giving thanks.

I hope your day is every bit as pleasant. 

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