Wednesday, February 18, 2015

escape from bend

The Shiftless Escape is making a guest appearance on Mexpatriate.

When I arrived in Bend last week, my brother asked me if I was ready for another road trip.  There is only one answer to a question like that.  Yes!  Even though I had just finished one of the best road trips of my life -- with Dan and Patty.

Darrel's step-daughter lives in Virginia, where her husband is in the military.  Her car, as Darrel puts it, is on its last tire.  Coincidentally, her birthday is at the end of this month.

After Darrel put a bushel full of dollars in countering the Escape's deferred maintenance, it is running like a first-line used car.  And it will make a perfectly utilitarian birthday gift for his step-daughter.

But you have already seen the problem, haven't you?  The Escape is in Bend.  His step-daughter is in Virginia.  A lot of country separates those two points.  Almost all of the country.  (Here is a bit of trivia.  The distance between Bend and Virginia is almost exactly the distance between Melaque and Bend -- the last road trip starring the Shiftless Escape.)

Darrel had planned on making the trip starting this Thursday.  That is where I came into the picture.  If I had my Red China visa in hand and had signed the trust tax documents, I could accompany him on this race across the country -- and still be back in Barra de Navidad on 25 February as I had planned.  And it looked as if the conditions precedent were on a timely track.

Then, the weather decided to play a wild card.  If you have been watching the news, the eastern half of The States are covered with ice and snow.  And it is not getting any better.

Now, I have no concern about being in a vehicle on snow and ice -- just as long as the vehicle is being driven by a competent snow and ice driver.  That is not me.  I like my driving conditions to be spring-fresh.  So, my presence on the trip would not rise above color commentary.

Darrel is currently readjusting his plans to steer through as much favorable weather as possible.  He will be joined on the trip by one of his friends who was with us on our Baja 1000 adventure a year ago.  (sea to shining sea)

I have mixed feelings.  I will not miss the opportunity to be in a vehicle driving hours on end at 15 MPH over icy roads.  But I will miss spending time on the road with my brother.

He needs to get down Mexico way -- where driving is a sport never impeded by snow. 

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