Sunday, April 19, 2015

slipping across the border

Today was a big anniversary -- and it almost slipped my mind.

On 15 April 2009, a recent-retired Steve climbed into what would become known as the Shiftless Escape -- along with his brother Darrel and his faithful sidekick Professor Jiggs.  It was a small cast, but this road trip situation comedy was long on storyline.

Four days later, they crossed into Mexico at Lukeville (high dawn in yuma) and the show has now run for six years -- just slipping into its seventh season.

It has been a great run.  One without regrets.  Because regrets get you nowhere.  What has happened has happened. 

And that is one thing Mexico has taught me.  The only moment over which we have any influence is the one we are living right now.  The trick is to choose wisely.

Six years ago, I did.

Happy anniversary, Steve and Mexico.

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