Tuesday, April 14, 2015

water sports

I am one blessed fellow.

Here I sit in my pool seeking a bit of refreshment from a practically perfect 90 degree day.  And this my view.

The new house (When can I drop the adjective?) is turning out to be a pleasure. Through the wonders of electronics, Jorge Castañeda is filling in the blanks of my knowledge about the left in Latin America (Utopia Unarmed: The Latin American Left After the Cold War).

Somewhere between the Sandinistas and the FARC, I looked up for a moment.  That is when I thought: "I am one blessed fellow." 

The words "lucky" and "fortunate" took up temporary residence in that sentence.  But neither of them are accurate terms.  The concepts of "luck" and "fortune" are far too superstitious for my view of the world.

But I do not need a view of the world when I have this view.  Flowers in bloom.  A refreshing breeze putting a bit of Sally Rand action into the palm fronds.  One of Ed's paintings.  And that slash of red that provides me with shade when I retreat from the pool.

The mind tends to delinquincy during moments like this.  At least, mine does.  I started wondering whether a suite like this could be built on the fantail of a cruise ship -- or centrally high on one of the upper decks.  Of course, even with room for four families, it would probably cost as much as much whole house.

Instead, I will enjoy this place as a landlubber.

Now, all I need is for some of my friends up north to put down their shovels and pens and show up here for a visit.  The enjoyment lamp is lit.

Yesterday I talked about water filters.  The pool is filled with the water that courses through its sparkly white membranes. 

And tomorrow?  At least, one more installment of Steve's water adventures.

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