Friday, May 08, 2015

play it again, sam

We are currently living one of the peculiarities of traveling west across the international dateline.

Today is Thursday, 7 May.  But so was yesterday.  It makes up for the day we lost when we flew west to China.

Not that it really matters.  When you are sick, one sea day starts to meld into another.

The cruise line always puts together an aggressive program of activities to amuse its passengers.  Mile walks.  Pilates.  Yoga.  Slot machine and blackjack tournaments.  A watercolor class.  Buddhism and ship engineering lectures.  Trivia contest after trivia contest.  Art lectures (of the variety to induce people to buy some very questionable art).  Shopping opportunities in the ship’s stores.  Apple classes.  Live music.  Dance classes.  Food lectures.

Of course, for those of us of a more individual palate, none of that is very attractive.  For me, sea days are usually an opportunity to catch up on reading and writing while I occasionally glance up to enjoy the ocean glide by.  Unfortunately, I have spent most of that time in bed sleeping away my cold.

Getting two Thursdays may turn out to be a great benefit.  It is nice to have a little time to start feeling myself again.

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