Monday, May 11, 2015

quarantine ship

When I looked at our itinerary before the cruise, I anticipated our last full day on the ship would be spent in the Pacific -- with the possibility of seeing land late at night as we entered the Strait of Jun de Fuca between Vancouver Island and the northern shore of Washington state.

Yesterday, we learned we would be arriving in Canada waters almost a full day ahead of schedule.  But we would not be heading to our dock in Vancouver.

Instead, we will be dropping anchor off the tip of Vancouver Island for the rest of the day.  Why?  Because we are in quarantine.

Apparently, we may have illegal immigrants on board.  Korea and Japan have recently experienced an outbreak of the Asian gypsy moth.  All ships that call there are potential breeding ground for the moth's egg.

While we are at anchor, a Canadian inspection team will boat out to us and spend the day conducting a needle in a haystack inspection.  Without the inspection, none of us will go on shore.

There is a good reason for all of this inspecting.  The Asian gypsy moth is a voracious crop eater.  And that is not the type of immigrant that food-producing nations (such as, Canada and The States) welcome.

So, search the authorities shall -- in their attempt to secure the border.  And we will wait patiently for this cruise to come to an end.

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