Sunday, May 24, 2015

wearin' of the blue

What a welcome home!

First, my friends Wynn and Lou pick me up at the Manzanillo airport -- an act of kindness that I greatly appreciate.  And, when the three of us headed off to dinner last evening, what should I discover but a group of placard-carrying, flag-waving revelers welcoming me back to San Patricio.

It did not take me long to disabuse myself of that center cut piece of narcissism.  The PAN emblem should have put a little bit of humility in my stride.

Last April I told you in on the street where I live that the electioneering for what Americans would call "off-year" elections had kicked off in my area.  And they are still kicking. 

Rival groups gather as many followers as they can muster.  The group then marches through town chanting slogans, showing off their partisan-labeled chests, and doing whatever they think will convince their neighbors to join them by voting for the party's candidates.

The election is 7 June.  That means two more weeks of orderly campaign parades accompanied by sound trucks (and motorcycles) that put the "loud" in loudspeaker. 

Then it will all be over for another three years.

If my arithmetic has not deserted me, I will get to vote in that election.  And it will be a presidential election.

Of course, all that means I am glad to be back home.

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