Wednesday, June 17, 2015

calm before the storm

OK.  It is probably the worst of cliches.

But, at some point, that observation was original.  Probably even poignant.  In my case, though, I am not certain it is accurate.

Last evening was certainly calm.  No doubt about that.  The waves that hurricane Blanca spawned here (and took four lives days after the storm itself had passed) have once again smoothed out.

When I returned from my Manzanillo tooth cleaning, I had an invitation in my inbox.  The architect with whom I have been sharing some furniture design ideas told me his wife was preparing a pozole dinner, and I was invited.

I responded immediately.  I love pozole.  And the guest list sounded intriguing.  I am always up for meeting new people -- and eating good food.

It was a practically perfect evening.  Irma's pozole was easily one of the best I have eaten.  She prepared a very piquante salsa that was the perfect complement to the chilies in the pozole.

And the company was every bit as good.  Thirteen of us.  Some whom I have known since I arrived in the area.  Others who I had met recently.  And four who were completely new to me.

The setting could not have been better.  Most of us thought by now we would have seen what Villa Obregon looks like following a storm.

As I write this at 4:00 AM, Carlos has reduced itself to a tropical storm.  It is now dumping a good deal of rain of rain on us.  Enough rain that the drainage system in my courtyard is not keeping up with the downpour.  But that is normal for heavy rain in these parts.

I am not complaining.  After all, I got a great bowl of pozole out of the bargain.

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