Monday, June 01, 2015

elijah's hand

"Look at those clouds."

A couple, who owns a local restaurant, and I had been talking about the vagaries of doing business in Mexico and the more mysterious aspects of seeking Mexican citizenship.  Just as we were getting up to leave, the wife of the couple looked across the bay to see what looked like an obvious storm heading our way.  It was already over my house.

She was either correct -- or orcs were invading from Mordor.  Either way, I needed to get home.

By the time I got there, the rain had started.  Not a tropical downpour.  It was one of those soft rains that allows the petrichor to rise.

But that may merely be the storm's first act.  On the horizon, I could see flashes of light and the most subtle of rumblings.  What Parisians in 1915 must have heard and seen.

So, our second act may be a bit more dramatic.  If it occurs.  So far, the weather has been a bit flirty during the past four days.  Just a few drops of rain to remind us that summer is on its way with all of its drama queen ways.

The eastern Pacific has already spawned its first hurricane -- Andres.  A category three that is currently meandering westward offering challenges for sailors in its path.

But there is another storm in the batter's box.  With the Star Wars-esque name: Tropical depression Two-e.  Like most depressions, it is aimless -- at the moment.  As it gains intensity, it will pick its path. 

At the moment, it is wandering WNW at 6 MPH.  That would put it close enough to our coast that we would at least get high surf -- if not a bit of the weather these storms tend to pull along.

However, that is not likely be on tonight's program.  If anything, we will get a few drops of rain, and perhaps a bit of lightning.

The big show is still in our future.


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