Tuesday, June 30, 2015

target sighted

I swore I was not going to do this.  But, since I did not tell you I wasn't, I am going to do it any way.

Tracking someone else's package as it wends its way through the shipping channels of The States and Mexico does not make for interesting reading.  But it is keeping me entertained.

The last time, we talked, my DVDs and book from Amazon has wandered from San Bernadino to Ontario to Los Angeles.  From Los Angeles, I thought it would make the jump across the border.

Not so.  DHL whisked it off to its central processing hub in Cincinnati -- where it spent the weekend.  Doing what?  I am not certain. 

After all, there is plenty to do in Cincinnati on a free Saturday and Sunday.  But for a package?  Maybe Truman wanted to take in a play at the Playhouse in the Park.

Having been refreshed by its respite, the package took an express route on Monday.  It flew to Guadalajara in the morning.  Customs then did what customs needs to do in a matter of minutes.  By early afternoon, it was shipped out of the Guadalajara DHL processing center for delivery.

Now, I have been around the package delivery world long enough to know that we are only in the second act of a three-act play.  Undoubtedly, there will be stops in intermittent DHL processing centers.  Colima or Manzanilo.  Maybe both.

The DHL tracking page claims the package will not arrive until 6 July.  Amazon is more optimistic with its prediction of 2 July.  But the Amazon page also contains a rather ominous warning: the dreaded "Delayed" notice.

Maybe someone finally noticed the package is to be delivered to a postal box.  Or it could mean almost anything -- or nothing.  I will simply wait patiently to see where the package seems to be tacking.

I may even head down to the post office once the DHL page indicates the package is out for delivery.  Even if it means spending the day at the post office, I really enjoy chatting with the clerks there.

And I won't bother promising this is the last post on this delivery.  I almost feel Magellan -- if it were not for the fact Nancy has been doing the same thing for years.


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