Saturday, June 27, 2015

the amazon flows

I told you I would keep you posted on the progress of my recent purchases from Amazon.  And so I am.

Just to refresh your memory, I ordered a book and some DVDs from Amazon last Sunday (floating down the amazon).  The amount was over $150 (US).  I was told that orders over that amount were shipped free.

But I was misinformed -- o partially misinformed.  Free shipping is for just some items.  And I do not know whether the DVDs or the book kicked me out of the ship-for-free club or not.  But I learned something.  Watch the shipping costs tab when adding items to the cart.

Yesterday morning, I received an email from Amazon chirpily informing me: "It's on the way!" -- as if I were a 12 year old girl.  But it was exciting news.

The package is not coming from the touted warehouse in Mexico City.  It is slipping across the border from San Bernadino, California.  I guess the warehouse is not ready for my requests. 

But the notice did contain an interesting piece of intelligence.  The carrier is DHL.  That is important because it will test the one flaw that make exist in the address I chose.

My friend Nancy has had Amazon ship books to her through the post office we both use.  Felipe commented that his experience is that when the express carriers receive a package with an ADPO Postal number, they will return the package to Amazon.

I asked the postal clerk this morning (in my terribly broken Spanish) what would happen if DHL delivered the package to him.  He said he would accept the package and put a notice in my box.

I hope that is how it works.  The only cockroach in the soup is the possibility that duty or taxes may be owed.  I am certain the clerks will not front those costs.  They have trouble making change for a twenty peso note when I buy postage.

But this is all performance art in the works.  The delivery date is slated for 2 July.  We should soon have an answer.

And the answer will be pertinent only to this shipment and to me.  Just one more thing to love about Mexico -- and to provide essay fodder.

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