Saturday, February 20, 2016

moving to yucatán

No. Not me. I am quite happy living here on the Pacific coast.

But there are plenty of people who prefer living on what I call the Other Side of Mexico. After all, the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán peninsula is nearly as far from where I live as is the drive is from Portland, Oregon to Chicago.

It turns out that two of the acquaintances I have made through Mexpatriate have their houses for sale. And both are on the peninsula.

The first is regular commenter Kathe. She is selling her stunning place -- Maricasa -- on Chetumal Bay in the southern portion of the state of Quintana Roo. Rather than me translating what Kathe has already said quite well, let me send you over to her description of the property

At 7.5 acres, it is an estate. Barco says he wants to buy it.

If country life is not to your liking, you might like living in
Mérida -- rather grandly known as the Paris of Mexico. Debi, over at Debi in Mérida, is selling her house.

Debi and Tom are moving back to The States. Some of us have followed their move to Mexico and their remodeling of the dream house they are now selling.

I have not seen the place. But the photographs -- and what I know from Debi's writing -- are enough to let me know that anyone who has chosen
Mérida as a place to settle will be pleased with the house.

So, there you are. Two houses for sale in a part of Mexico that I do not get to visit very often. And what do I get out of it? The pleasure of sharing information from people who share this odd little community of electronic acquaintances.

And, who knows, the new buyers may actually turn out to already be family members of Mexpatriate. Or maybe they will be new members.

That will be commission enough for me. 

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