Saturday, April 02, 2016

time for another bad idea

Certain days are blog fodder. Tomorrow is one of them.

For those of us who live in Mexico, our clocks will magically jump forward one hour as if they were characters in a Gabriel José García Márquez novel. If your home is not imbued with the shimmering crystal power of magic realism, you may have to do a bit of temporal reset on your own.

This is the point where I usually start grumbling about the insanity of the whole idea. I think it was D. Kevin Mano who said most people like communism in theory, but not in practice. He disagreed. His notion was that communism was evil in theory and even more evil in practice.

That is close to my opinion on daylight saving time. It is a terrible idea in theory and even worse in practice. The fact that The States moved their clocks forward three weeks ago while Mexico waited until tomorrow is evidence that something is not quite right here.

I have often thought Cnut's advisers must be involved somehow with this idea. Having been defeated by the sea, they decided they could modify Old Sol's rhythms.

But I have dug up Mussolini's corpse to drag it around the public square far too often. My sole remedy (other than compliance) is to refuse to change my clocks and to live as if daylight saving time was just another urban myth. If I am late for dinner, you will know why.

Having done my duty to remind you, I will leave it up to my dear readers to decide their own course. After all, this is a libertarian page -- not a socialist one.

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