Friday, May 12, 2017

charlotte joins mexpatriate

Meet Charlotte Rose Cotton. The most recent addition to the cast of Mexpatriate.

At least, she is the most recent addition to the family Cotton. And that is about the same thing.

Charlotte, named for her paternal grandfather Charles and her maternal grandmother Rose, was born on 5 December 2016. I would have noted the date last December, but I had not yet had an opportunity to meet her. I did today.

Darrel, Christy, Mom, and I drove over to Portland this afternoon to meet her for the first time. Charlotte is the son of my nephew Ryan (Darrel's son) and Sara (my favorite corporate litigator). According to the two of them, she is a practically perfect baby.

Of course, all parents say that (and they are unquestionably seconded by doting uncles). But, she is. She sleeps through the night, is seldom fussy, and has a smile and eyes for every person who catches her intense gaze.

The seven of us (plus my nine-year old nephew Colin and his inseparable friend Lety) trundled over to a pizza place in their neighborhood. 

Usually, it is very difficult for a group that size to hold serious conversations. But we did.

We reminisced about our childhoods, our relatives, our trips, our plans for the future. And laughed. We laughed a lot. Just the way family gatherings should be.

I invited Ryan and Sara to bring Colin and Charlotte south to the house with no name -- in the winter. Summers are just a bit too rough to fully enjoy Barra de Navidad.

And, when they do, Charlotte's next appearance in Mexpatriate will show off her obvious star power. That is my objective prediction -- with no prejudice whatsoever.

Welcome aboard this train of life, Charlotte. You will go far.

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