Tuesday, August 01, 2017

hi! i'm a scorpio

My niece Kaitlyn lives in Seattle.

You have met her before. She is the gun enthusiast and collector of exotic pets (shootout at the kaitlyn corral).

The other day, while doing her laundry, she grabbed a bra to throw in the washer. What you see is what she saw. A giant black scorpion. It startled her.

It shouldn't have. It is merely one of her pets. It could have been worse. She owns a seven foot Vietnamese python with a biting personality.

The scorpion had managed to find an escape route out of its cage -- as they are wont to do. I am amazed how scorpions can squeeze through the smallest of cracks. Just like a crafty lawyer.

A trip to Home Depot for additional building supplies has the scorpion safely locked in its cage. Well, until the next time it manages to escape.

My nephew Baron decided to honor his Aunt Kaitlyn this afternoon. Baron is here for a couple of weeks visiting his grandparents, Darrel and Christy. It has been interesting hanging out with a 9-year old. We tend to relate at the same level.

Christie took him to a candy story downtown today. He returned with what I thought was a garden variety sucker. Strawberry, by its color. But the garden it came from must have been the midnight garden of good and evil.

Here it is.

If you look closely, you might note the sucker has a chewy center. A scorpion to be precise.

Baron could not wait to slurp the sucker down to the level of its novelty core. It was better than Cracker Jack.

And slurp it, he did. The scorpion is now freed of its sugary cocoon. If we were in one of those terrible mummy movies, the scorpion would come alive in the night and call down all sorts of Egyptian evil on our lives.

Or maybe it will just call Kaitlyn's scorpion to pay us a visit riding the back of the pesky python.

I gave you fair warning. I have been talking with a 9-year old -- and all of this makes perfect sense to me.

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