Saturday, September 02, 2017

jesus returns

Mexpatriate is a place to indulge in  a deluge of words.

Photographs appear as backup for text. We are a verbal, rather than a visual, community.

But I thought you might enjoy a few photographs of the Christ of the Cyclone procession on the actual day of commemoration. Most Mexican religious festivals have several days of warm-up acts before the Really Big Show of the feast day. The almost interminable processions in December for Our Lady of Guadalupe is a perfect example.

The photographs I posted yesterday in jesus lends a hand -- or two were taken on 31 August. And there was another on 1 September -- the day forty-six years prior when Barra de Navidad was spared the ravages of Lily.

I post the 1 September photographs for a couple of reasons. The first is that the light was better. The procession was highlighted with the golden light photographers adore. And there were horses to parade and bless. That would have been reason enough for me to pass on some snapshots to you.

So, without further commentary, I give you my impression of yesterday's procession.

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