Thursday, July 03, 2008

el jacuzzi está muerto

If this was the opening scene of a costume drama, the high priestess would slash open some poor small critter, and pull out its entrails. The crowd would gasp. The omens are bad.

Well, I am not launching a thousand ships to assist in fetching the wandering wife of a minor Greek potentate. I am simply planning on moving to Mexico. And I am not certain what the omens are telling me.

Let's start with the prop in the center of the stage. You have all met Mr. Hot Tub. I dine there. I read there. I relax there.

It was the first item I bought for my move to Salem in 1993. In fact, the hot tub was set up even before the remodeling on the house was complete. If I were ever to describe myself as a person of place, the place would be the hot tub.

And you may recall my cries of anguish when I thought it was dieing. In
tub with a view, I concluded that the tub had stopped heating water. In tinkering with tomorrow, we learned that I think I have no handyman skills. In smug as a bug in a tub, we learned I am handier than I thought: I fixed the heater.

But maybe not. Now I have lost all power to and through the tub. Nothing works. Nada.

And here is where the omens come into play. To get a repairman to simply come out and look at the tub: $150. Then there will be the cost of replacing aging electronics.

If the hot tub is the symbol of why I came and stayed in Salem, my decision to not resuscitate it may be the omen that it is time to move on to Mexico. But we already knew I was going to do that. It just feels good that everything is pushing me that way.

If I see the spirit of Maria Callas hanging out at the hot tub, I will know why she is here. She is merely auditioning for another stab at Medea.


Calypso said...

I LOVE a hot tub and was seldom without one in , unlike you, lots of moving about - but in Mexico it hasn't happened.\\When reading about yours I am reminded at just how much I enjoy that hot water.

You could get a temescal in Mexico and not an eye would blink - but a hot tub - now there is an unusual sight - actually our friends Miguel and Veronica have one - we have yet to be invited over ;-0

Babs said...

As MUCH as you love that hot tub, you KNOW you need to get it fixed. Good grief, if it has worked for this long, consider yourself lucky........go for it! A true pleasure should never be denied, I always say.......

Steve Cotton said...

John and Babs -- You are both correct; without the hot tub, I am only 10% Steve Cotton. I may end up biting the bullet on a last ditch repair. If I were retiring in Salem, I would probably just buy a new hot tub. But I am not -- so I won't.

jennifer j rose said...

As part of the process of readying yourself for life in Mexico, use this as a window for weaning yourself from the hot tub. Fixing it isn't going to increase the sales value of your house.

Steve Cotton said...

Jennifer -- Good point. I am going to end up spending a small fortune on repairs to the place vbefore i can sell it. As of this morning, I now owe just over three more house payments on my mortgage. Now that will be a celebratory post. break out the Dom Perignon in October.