Sunday, September 28, 2008

better than another red-blue-yellow electoral map

OK, fellow bloggers. The results are in, and the 28 of us who voted (Yup! Me too.) have proved exactly what your comments said: we are a diverse group.

The question was simple: "When do you write your quality posts?" Apparently, our gang social schedules keep us occupied in the evenings. We don't need no stinkin' evening-writing.

We have one afternoon writer, and then an almost-even split between morning, late night, whenever, and the alumni of the I-cannot-avoid-the sarcastic-answer school (my people).

So, what do we learn from all this? I suspect, nothing.

What I did learn is that I love the fun of polls. But, more importantly, I generated another reason for a post. It would be a blogger trifecta if I could just think of a third reason. But, I will leave that for the literature writers.


Babs said...

Maybe none of us write at night cause our brains are so old we can't think! JUST kidding......don't anyone get excited!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- I am a late night writer. Maybe because it takes that long for the arteries to unclog.

glorv1 said...

You got a great response.

Babs said...


Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- I am never certain how these polls are going to go. After all, I self-limited it to bloggers. But it was just fun.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- No "oops!" required. I'm the guy with the aging system.