Monday, September 15, 2008

¿con magna o premio?

How is this for a fusion dish?

Stir fry the following:

onion, chopped
sweet peppers, chopped

jalapeño peppers, chopped
garlic, chopped
ginger, chopped
shredded pork roast
mango salsa

When warmed through, sprinkle with a large dash of
oregano, and stir. Place freshly-fried tortilla chips in a bowl, add a layer of refritos and a large scoop of stir fry, and top with a premium extra sharp cheddar.

Eat immediately.

I got tired of the drudgery of cleaning up the house this weekend. Instead, I decided to add some verve to my step. Instead, I just wanted to sleep. It must be this delightful hot weather.


Babs said...

Sounds delicious!
All I did was watch hurricane coverage and watch all my old "haunts" disappear! Very sad.

Steve Cotton said...

Natural disasters in areas we know are especially hard to watch -- especially when people we know are at risk.

glorv1 said...

That sounds very good. I'm actually making that today but omitting the pork and giners. I'm making fajitas. I bought those skillets with the handle that you heat in the oven. But I'm lazy today so I will not make tortillas, I will buy them. ugh. You need a break from all that you are doing right now and it is good that you decided to relax. Take care.

Anonymous said...

that made my mouth water. it sounds like you got a lot done last week, so a break was in order. remember what i said, you need at least one day to relax.

i went hiking again. had a 360 view from excelsior pass and could see mt. baker and mt. shuksan which were very close by and many other peaks, including some in canada. oh, how i love the great outdoors.

take care and here's to a very productive week.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Steve, if you ever need money while you are in Mexico you could open a cocina economica, it sounds like you have a way with food!

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria and Teresa -- I actually did not deserve a break. I have dawdled far too much on this project. But I thought I would try something different.

Theresa -- I once thought of owning an eating establishment. But when I retire, I am retiring. I will allow my bar membership to lapse and I will do nothing more than what absolutely needs doing.

BoBo's Mom said...

That recipe sounds very delicious. Thanks for sharing. I got addicted to Mexican tortilla chips when I was down there. They are not the same up here.

By the way, how's the old Professor doing?

Steve Cotton said...

I bet BoBo was glad to have you home from your great (whirling) adventure. It appears we share a profession, in addition to being partial to the same breed of dogs.

Jiggs has been having a very rough week. He needs to try several times just to stand up. I was just in the back yard petting him while he drifted off into a nap.

BoBo's mom said...

I'm sorry to hear Jiggs is having a rough week. Hopefully, it's just a rough patch he'll get through. I'm sure he's appreciating all the great care you are giving him. We are sending good thoughts his way.

I guess we have more in common than our dogs!! However, I'm trying to switch gears and go for a non-traditional type of practice. Will see how that goes. For now, I thoroughly enjoy spending my days with BoBo & Miko (aka 'my girls').

Steve Cotton said...

"A non-traditional practice"? Me too. But mine will involve sand, siestas, and no billing whatsoever. I decided today I wll probably allow my admission to merely lapse. Why be tempted?

Brenda said...

Food sounds good. Sorry to hear Professor Jiggs is not doing so well, hope he improves.