Sunday, September 21, 2008

no news is not good news

The information spin is under full swing in Mexico this week. On Monday, terrorists threw fragmentation grenades into a group of Mexican citizens gathered in Morelia to celebrate Independence Day.

No one (other than the terrorists themselves and their masters) knows for certain who committed the act. But the rumors have begun:

  • the Michoacán Family -- the local drug cartel
  • Zetas acting on behalf of the Gulf cartel
  • Zetas acting on their own behalf
  • some unnamed right wing paramilitary group seeking to place blame on the drug cartels
  • or simply add in your own conspiracy theory

What we do know is that the three suspects who were arrested late last week have now been released. The only other public development has been the appearance of at least seven banners in Morelia blaming the attacks on the Gulf Cartels and Zetas, purportedly signed by the Michoacán Family.

I have been properly advised that Article 33 restricts certain political activities. As a future resident, I do not want to overstep any lines by offering my own opinions on this terrible event.

Instead, let me direct you to this news story for a more complete description of what is known at this point from The News.

Like the rest of you, I wait for a final answer. Patience may be the key. I suspect the answer is in plain sight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the link. Who did it?


islagringo said...

I suspect that since you do not yet live here, voicing your opinion would be fine.

Steve Cotton said...

Horst -- You are welcome. I don't know.

Wayne -- On the other hand, I don't want to endanger my ability to get an FM3, either. Enjoy your day.

Mexico Cooks! said...

I live in Morelia. I was supposed to have gone to the Grito on the night of the 15th, but at the last minute decided to stay home.

No one knows--yet--who did it. It's entirely possible that no one will ever know.

Rumors are rampant. Everyone, including me, believes that it was one of the cárteles. The message to our governor and our president was loud and clear: the narcotraficantes are in charge.

Read more in Mexico Cooks!


Steve Cotton said...

Thanks for the update, Cristina. I read your post yesterday, and I recommend it to others.