Friday, September 19, 2008

the old ball game

I had several topics I wanted to discuss in this post, but I have allowed time to get away from me. I need to leave early from the house to drive up to Portland for a law seminar on ethics.

I am a presenter. My topic: sex, lies, and no video.

The rip-off riff of the Soderbergh film title is obvious. But I think we may have some fun and substance with the reasons Oregon attorneys have been disciplined over the past eight months.

In any event, this will be my public training swan song -- my last appearance on stage outside the walls of my employment. Another mile stone passed.

Because I need to put the final touches on my presentation, I will not have enough time to write about other issues.

Perhaps this weekend.


islagringo said...

Goog luck on the presentation. I always hated going to legal seminars but I think I would enjoy listening to you!

Calypso said...

Congratulations on nearing yet another milestone towards freedom hombre.


Michael Dickson said...

Probably another millstone passed too.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- It went well, and was fun. But I am soon going to look forward to not attending CLEs any longer.

John -- Thanks. It feels good -- now that it is done. But my colleagues at work want a reprise in October.

Michael -- You said it, brother.

jennifer rose said...

Slacker! Here I am cranking out next month's column about law-related blogs, with a deadline for my 150th or so column about lawyers and e-mail due right after that. And then there's just, work, work, work, trying to make the world a safer place for lawyers. And you contemplate a life at the beach, just one day at the beach after another. It's not fair.

The least you could do would be send your blog coterie copies of your presentation.

Steve Cotton said...

Jennifer -- Because I cannot help myself, I have volunteered to do a reprise of "sex, lies, and no video" for the lawyers at work. My public speaking career will then be at an end. At least, until someone else starts stroking my ego. As for the days stretching to the horizon at the beach, I would highly recommend it for any attorney. Of course, in six months, I may be at your door asking if you need a tea boy.