Saturday, September 06, 2008

a rocker who is still rolling

I had dinner last night with a friend who retired from our company earlier this year. It was encouraging to hear how well his retirement has gone.

The question that came up first was: What have you been doing? That, of course, is nothing more than a riff on the question everyone who moves to Mexico hears: What are you going to do? Several blogger have already answered that question: your day is filled with all the same activities you do now , with the added spice of dealing with the challenges of living in Mexico.

After listening to him, I feel a lot better about the steps I am taking to get ready for my move.

And I have taken two additional steps to make the move a reality. The first was to let my boss know that I actually will retire next year. I have been a bit coy about when I was going to retire. I told him on Thursday that even though I do not have a date set in concrete, it will be in the early part of 2009.

Now, any of you who have been following this blog know that I am not going to go anywhere until I resolve the issue of my house in Salem. I cannot sell it until I get it on the market, and I cannot get it on the market until I get some repairs done. Two weeks after my realtor gave me a list of contractors to help with each of my projects, I have done nothing. She is intervening this afternoon. Kathy is not just a realtor. She is also a landlord, who buys and fixes up homes for rent. Having her expertise handy will do two things: 1) Keep this project moving, and 2) give me access to local talent.

But I now need to get moving. I have to help lead Men's Fellowship this morning. Even though I told our leadership group on Tuesday that I would be transitioning out of my positions at the church, duties seem to keep rolling in.

My friend informed me that the moment he made his decision to retire, time flew by at work. I can already see the wisdom of his advice.

I will keep you posted on the projects.


islagringo said...

Me thinks somebody is procrastinating. I doubt that you are having second thoughts about your choices. It's like a good book. You don't want to read that last chapter because you don't want it to be over. Maybe you should make a list of everything you can think of that needs to be done to the house. Then start crossing them off when they are done. Even the small things. Seeing progress encourages progress. You will have plenty of time and reasons for procrastination once you are here!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Sending you thoughts of support. Telling your boss and setting a retirement timeframe is a major milestone.

Also sending you support to get moving on the house. Our home repairs became a huge obstacle and major source of stress for us last Spring. In hindsight, it would have been easier if we had been more agressive from day 1. Every week that passed w/o real results created problems as we approached our move date. In the end we spent more money because we just had to get it done any way we could. We are still dealing with trailing To Dos ...

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- You are correct about the procrastination. I have been telling everyone here I am practicing on living in Mexico. But you have seen right through that reasoning. The list is a great idea.

American Mommy -- It is strange how our heads know things, but our bodies do not get around to doing them. As I was walking back to the house this morning, I started thinking about how I would deal with the contractors in the house during my work week. I am glad that I have a realtor who is a friend with the skills to take on this task. I remember some of the issues you discussed in your blog. And when I leave, my lifeline will be cut. I just need to do it.

jennifer rose said...

" Two wees after my realtor gave me a list of contractors to help with each of my projects, I have done nothing."

I know you feel a certain intimacy with your readers, but isn't this taking it a bit too far?

Steve Cotton said...

YIKES! I hope the surveillance camera was not working in the back yard. Ironically, I just spent the last two hours with my realtor sketching out a plan of attack. I kept my personal foibles a secret.

1st Mate said...

Nobody enjoys working with contractors and repairmen. It's always harder than it looks. The plan of attack sounds like a good idea.

You are facing a lot of unknown quantities, from a position you have become comfortable in after all these years. A little like standing on the edge of a cliff and asking yourself if you can really fly or have you been kidding yourself. But I have no doubt you can fly when the time comes. Just flap those wings and jump.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Mike lost his job on Sept 17, 2007 - and his birthday is Sept 18.

Before the end of that month we had made our decision to make the leap to Mexico, get certified as teachers of English, sell everything and go. The only thing that really changed was our decision to take Sitka with us, instead of leaving her behind.

As a realtor, I knew the Seattle market was declining and my gut said SELL ASAP!!!

To borrow from your Nike neighbor...Just Do It.

Steve Cotton said...

Bliss, Michael, and Cynthia -- See my post tomorrow. Everything is back on track -- for now. I know there are days of frustration ahead. But eight months from now, I will be on my way south.