Wednesday, January 07, 2009

#1 -- work

Last November, in there's no business like -- , I sprang the news that I might not retire. The news was a shameless red herring every bit as devoid of true news as an Onion headline.

The truth was that I was going to retire -- under any circumstances. But, I was prepared to take a project to Mexico with me that would allow me to write -- and to get paid in the process.

I have spent the last two months mulling over the pros and cons. The money is budgeted, and no one else has been assigned the task. It would be a nice piece of income as I transition into my life in Mexico. And my employer will get a good product.

But it is not about the money. I will have enough of that. It really is about doing something I like to do. (Every time I write that I think of the old joke from MASH where Margaret Hoolihan says: "Money is far down on my list, Major. It comes second or third. . . . . . Second.")

The downside is obvious. Even though the writing would only be a part-time gig, I will have a full-time job -- learning how to survive in Mexico.That is a bit too dramatic. My existence will be somewhat cossetted. After all, the utilities will already be in place. I need only hand over the costs to the property manager. The house even comes with a list of recommended restaurants, butchers, and grocery stores. I am just one step from being carried from place to place by liveried footmen.

The vice-presidents have asked me to put together a business proposal for this project -- due by the end of next week.

I suspect I will have a good answer on this one before I finish the proposed plan.


1st Mate said...

Steve - The VPs don't seem to be in a frantic hurry for this project. Maybe they can accept the idea that for at least a few weeks you need settling-in time. You will find eventually, maybe sooner than you think, that life is going to slooooow down and you'll have time to do some work, and maybe even look forward to it.

I got a giggle at the thought of Mexican liveried footmen toting you through the streets of Melaque.

jennifer rose said...

Take the gig. It's not as if you're contemplating a move to southeast Africa.

Islagringo said...

I think you should do it. You will be glad you did. There are a lot of hours in the day once you stop working. Besides, cutting the umbilical cord is hard to do. This will allow it just to melt away.

ken said...

See if you can get paid as a subcontractor via the company debit card. Figure out some way to slide under the radar, so to speak.
Never turn down opportunity for a few shekels. You never know what may happen.
But....remember your first priority.
Slow down!
Enjoy the remaining sands as they race through the hourglass, don't be one of the people that say they thought they had more time!

Calypso said...

Nah - don't take it - by any standard from which I can measure - you don't need the money - and there is PLENTY to do - make a clean break and start a new life. IMHO

Steve Cotton said...

1st Mate -- The project has taken on a life of its own. The priority now is to get it done this year. I started writing a plan today. And, just like the comments, I have been going back and forth.

Jennifer -- I am leaning that way right now.

Islagringo -- As you know, I love to write. This will give me a good opportunity to exercise that passion -- if we can work out the logistics.

Ken -- I would actually be a temporary employee -- with a restriction on the number of hours I can work during the year. You make a good point, though, that the gig should not interfere with my ultimate goal of slowing down and enjoying life.

Calypso -- And you make a persuasive case for the "just say no" contingent. Ironically, trying to work out the logistics of the work may turn out to be the most difficult problem.

jennifer rose said...

Hey, how about taking the gig, Steve, and subcontracting it out to me? This is what I do for a living, and, since I just finished a book on Sunday, I'm looking for work.

Steve Cotton said...

Jennifer -- Interesting idea, but I am certain with the topic of this project we would both be found out in short order.

Nancy said...

Ok, so what is the topic of the project?????

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Do it.

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy -- Not very sexy. A rewrite of iur corporate policies and employeement handbook. A lawyer's dream.

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- Ah, the voice of experience.

Glenn said...

Do what feels best for you. I would agree with Calypso--there's better things to do.

Steve Cotton said...

Glenn -- I suspect that internal developments may decide the issue for me.