Saturday, January 31, 2009

dine and learn

This is going to be a busy, but productive, weekend.

Last night, I had dinner with
Cynthia and Mike, formerly of Guaymas, now of Salem. For three hours, we sat and laughed over their adventures in Mexico.

If you have read their blog, they had quite a few adventures as English instructors in Mexico City and Guaymas. They enjoyed telling, and I was fascinated by, tales I had read, but complemented with additional details -- including, more about the wily Sitka.

I could not believe that we had talked that long, and only skimmed the surface of their lives during the past year. I learned a lot from them -- much of which will have no application to my move south, but all of which will be part of the layers of friendship that is developing between us.
1st Mate and Brenda and Roy know exactly what I mean. These are two very nice people.

You can see a photograph of our soirée on Cynthia and Mike's blog -- posted this morning. [I violated the first rule of blogdom by not taking my camera with me to an event.]

Earlier in the week, I was afraid that I would not be able to get together with Cynthia and Mike this week. And that was my own doing.

In January, I volunteered to deliver this Sunday's sermons. Our pastors are out of town for two weeks. I was extremely pleased that they asked, but my dance card is getting a bit full to slip in another tango.

But, I said yes. And here it is -- Saturday -- and I still have not completed the outline.

That would not be bad if I had not also volunteered to help a former client with another project -- a project that will eat up most of the day. There may be a reason I told friends and relatives to not show up for Sunday's service. I may be inclined to hog the spotlight, but I know when to invite the press to an opening night.

Before anyone says it. Yes. Yes. I know. I am not accomplishing anything for my move to Mexico. But I learned more about Mexico at dinner and I am transitioning away from my Salvation Army duties. So, in a manner of speaking, I am moving steps further to my move.

Besides -- I still have about 10 weeks before I pull up anchor. Plenty of time.


Cairelle said...

HA! I can see it now - you're going to be running like a crazy man in about 8 or so weeks, wishing you'd done more earlier on.

That's me, anyway. I work best under pressure.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Very nice you got to go out with Cynthia and Mike. I continue to amazed at this blogger world of friendships ... I am old enough that technology will always amaze me! I have been awed by the Cynthia and Mike story since I started reading their blog. So much strength and love.

Steve Cotton said...

Cairelle -- You are correct. I suspect each day until I leave is going to be hectic. But that's fine. Like you, I work best under pressure. At least, until I collapse.

AMM -- The pleasure was all mine with Cynthia and Mike. I learned a lot from them. What amazes me most about them is their courage and optimism. No matter what circumstance they encounter, they just keep right on going -- or change course and have a different adventure.

Laurie said...

SIGH! By the way, I enjoyed the hallucinations. The convulsions?? No.

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- That was quite a food tale on your blog. Between the two, I would skip the convulsions. I get enough of that from my own cooking.