Saturday, August 15, 2009

calling commissioner gordon

I should run for Congress. I promised you a budget -- and you are about to get another distraction.

I told Kim that we would not have any more discussions about the source of the guano on the patio counter top.

But -- there are new developments.

So new, that I almost did a news flash at 1 AM on Friday. Instead, it will now be its own post.

While I was locking up the house early Friday morning, I decided to take a look up in my batless belfry on the off chance that I could see something.

And it looked as if something was there. Just a dark shadow, perhaps. Poets say they exist in the night.

Not being in a poetic mood, I switched on the little spotlights in the alcove.

And there he (she) was. One bat. But larger than what I had anticipated.

Despite Islagringo's advice to the contrary -- I was standing there a naked blogger. Well, naked in the sense that I was without my camera.

So I ask: Do I bother running up the stairs? This bat does not seem to stick around very long. Undoubtedly, a Bruce Wayne variety.

But, I answer myself: Why not?. Even though I knew that the bat would fly the -- whatever it is that bats fly from -- certainly not coops.

I run up the stairs. Look around for the camera. Run down stairs. Turn it on.

And what do I get? Low Battery Warning.

So up the stairs I run again. Pop in two new batteries. Run down the stairs.

All the while positive that no one is going to believe I finally saw the bat.

And ---

There it was. Awaiting its close up like some Latina Norma Desmond.

And here it is for you for your viewing enjoyment.

At least, that should be one mystery that will no longer haunt the house.


Brenda said...

Mystery solved, now what are you going to do about it? Leave him/her in peace or serve an eviction notice?
You could have worse house quests I suppose; although this one does not seem inclined to clean up after him/her self,and messy house guests are always a pain.
How is Jiggs doing?

Anonymous said...

No one will ever accuse you nor the bat of being full of s__t

Constantino said...

Well you have now gained a new dependent. Either a Choeronycteris mexicana) or a Leptonycteris nivalis. My bet it would be the nivalis, but I have been wrong before.
Well done, you chiroptologist!

Keep it around, the mosquito it eats may prove a kind act!

Anonymous said...

great shot steve. glad it didn't fly off while you were getting the batteries. it musr have been settled in for the night.

walked 15 miles today. might do 10 tomorrow, if i wake up early enough as we have a pretty busy day, then 14 with the team on sunday. just 4 more weeks till the 3 day.

take care,

Karen said...

Mystery solved...kind of a cute little guy, a house mascot. One is enough though!!!

Steve Cotton said...

Brenda -- A quick cost-benefit analysis says the bat is welcome. Each bit of guano is a few more dead mosquitoes.

Jiggs is OK. He is still having trouble getting up on his own.

Anonymous -- Well --

Constantino -- He does have a Durante look, doesn't he?

Teresa -- If I were to walk 15 miles with Jiggs, it would easily take us a month.

Karen -- I am certain that there are buddies hanging around somewhere.

Constantino said...

Yep, that's his name, Jimmy!

Babs said...

YUK, well where there is one..there are more!

Laurie said...

Rabies, anyone?

Chrissy y Keith said...

Lucky, I want one.

glorv1 said...

Oh my goodness! yukky poo...what are you going to do about it? Are you starting to miss your cozy home yet? heheehehe. My best to the Jiggys.

Steve Cotton said...

Constantino -- Jimmy?

Babs -- I hope so. Like Felipe, I would rather have a patio filled with bats than with swallows. But it appears I have both.

Laurie -- Rabies carriers are everywhere we live. Just one more.

Chrissy -- I got mine. You get your own.

Gloria -- I am going to invite it to bring its buddies around to have a bug party -- maybe, bug lite. Not a twinge of nostalgia for Salem.

Brenda said...

You might want to do some reading about histoplasmosis which can occur in bat guano. This seems to be more where there are old accumulations; but maybe wouldn't hurt to read about it anyway.

Steve Cotton said...

Brenda -- Based on the article, I should probably be more concerned about the piles of swallow guano that has accumulated on the patio. It dwarfs what the bat provides.

Anonymous said...

I think I read that one of the hemorrhagic fevers may have originated in a cave with bat guano in it. But that was a cave in Kenya. And a Kenyan bat.

I have no idea whether Mexican bats are capable of hosting a horrific hemorrhagic fever.

I would bet, however, that the swallow droppings are a probable source of giardia, a rather noxious spirochete that can cause some really distressing alimentary symptoms. Here in Oregon, goose droppings are a common source, as is beaver waste in rivers.

My suggestion is to use some clorox on your table, walls, floors -- hell, your feet for all I know.

A Nony Moose

Felipe said...

Laurie, stop it now with that rabies business. Few bats have rabies. Dogs also have rabies but, like bats, few do. When you see a dog, do you say: Yipes! Rabies!

Bats are our friends and an important part of the ecosystem.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- Jiggs was getting a bit worried that he was next to go on the rabies alert list.

Islagringo said...

Gladf you heeded my advice! I learned to always carry extra batteries for my ever present camera in Acapulco. Just as the divers were about to jump, the camera went dead. How to you "Change Batteries" when you have none with you. Lesson learned.

Love the movie references you always seem to appropriately turn out!

Steve Cotton said...

Islagringo -- I try to remember to carry my camera with me -- along with extra batteries. Even though I get no furher than a block from the house these days.