Wednesday, August 19, 2009

buttery buns on the beach

The movie was Nashville -- one of Robert Altman's best.

The back story is about a politician, Hal Phillip Walker, who has come out of nowhere to capture the imagination of the American voter with such hard-hitting questions as: "Does Christmas smell like oranges to you?"

Howard K. Smith, playing his anchorman self, answers: "As a matter of fact, Christmas has always smelled like oranges to me."

As current as that political inanity may be, I agree with both Hal Phillip Walker and Howard K. Smith -- Christmas and oranges are married in my memory.

That bit of film history ran through my mind while I was eating one of Jean Young's home-made cinnamon rolls. (In truth, I ate three of them, but that does not quite fit in with my weight loss goal. So, let's just say I ate one.)

Jean has recently started a baked goods business here in Melaque. She says she is starting slow during the summer season, and will be in full swing when the snowbirds arrive in winter.

Frankly, I think she is ready now.

Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite baked goods. Primarily because I like them. But they are also freighted with plenty of memories.

Memories of my mother putting the roll dough on our living room stove to let the yeast do its chemistry best.

Memories of the Salem Saturday Market where I would buy cinnamon rolls from a pleasant Mennonite woman -- and share the bounty with Jiggs on our morning walks.*

Jean's cinnamon rolls are good because they are simply good. But they are also good enough to evoke memories.

And they are not puny Cinnabon rolls. They are full-bodied, buttery, sugary, raisiny rolls. Good enough for a blog post.

She is also baking breads and muffins -- both of which I have tried and liked. And she is selling coffee and sausages, which I have not tried.

Those of us lucky enough to live in or near Melaque have a great new place for baked goods. To learn more, go to
Jean's web site.

From here on out, summer will taste of cinnamon to me.

* -- [Gloria -- Jiggs never gets any raisins out of my rolls. Just wanted to let you know that. No pets were injured n the making of this memory.]


Mic said...

So sorry P. Jiggs isn't feeling better. I ran across this site today and thought of him. Don't have any personal experience with TT, but doubt it would hurt to try....tho the wrap would need to be cotton net / mesh or something airy due to the heat.

I've had the same temptation this week - cinnamon rolls :-) .... 'tis the season ???

Anonymous said...

that looks absolutely delicious. don't feel guilty about eating 3. we deserve a treat once in a while-or 2 or 3 ;-) i ate 2 huge pieces of pecan pie yesterday-and i wonder why i'm 20 lbs. overweight. it was our 28th anniversary and today is steve's birthday, so i made the pie for both occasions.

take care,

Larry in Mazatlan said...

I am so jealous! I have to walk for blocks to find decent ones here. Mexican raisons are so much better than those up north. Down here they're not so dried out so they're big, plump, juicy and sweet. Yum! I do wish they would use more canela, though.


Islagringo said...

Oh Gee, thanks. Now my mouth is watering. I would almost kill for a dozen Dunkin' Donuts. I never eat the pastry down here. Tastes like stale hamburger buns.

Ruth said...

I will go get a coffee now to enjoy with this virtual cinnamon roll, although I will have to take out the raisins first. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Getting in touch with your Proustian self, I presume, with the help of Betty Crocker.

Larry in Mazatlan said...

Islagringo - I was thinking it tastes more like cardboard. It always seems to be pretty, but ... Except for the bakery I frequent.


summergirl said...

I'm not a fan of cinnamon rolls, but these look and sound simply delicious!
Somewhat confused tho, why can Prof. Jiggs not have raisins????
Oh yes, Ms. Jean got a hit on her web page also, it almost makes me want to decide to change my mind from Chacula, to Melique.
Try the sausages and let us know how they are. Polish are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

From Proust's madeleine to your cinnamon roll...memories evoked.

Nice post.

Stil... you need to get out and explore more.


Kim G
Boston, MA

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- I will talk to Jiggs's veterinarian about the support bandage. He had me take off Jiggs's collar because he thought it was too restrictive. But the massage looks like an interesting idea. Jiggs agrees. He is in favor of anything thsat induces more touching of him.

Teresa -- That was 3 on the first day. I have now eaten the full 6. And I liked each of them equally.

Larry -- You are correct about the raisins. They are almost grapes. Well, I guess they once were.

Islagringo -- I am happy Jean started her bakery. Like you, I have been shocked at how mediocre the baked goods are in Mexico.

Ruth -- Always happy to do a bit of virtual sharing.

Anonymous -- If I eat many more rolls, I will be in touch with my Pickwickian self.

Larry -- I have had several dates like that.

Debbie -- Grapes contain a chemical that is very bad for dog kidneys. Thus, no grapes, no raisins.

Kim -- We are saying just the other day how erudite this crowd is. Just another example. But you are correct that I need to get out. I was about to do a hermit post. I still may.

Babs said...

I can hardly wait to get to Melaque in Dec and Jan to taste Jean's buttery cinammon rolls. There goes the bikini, ha.

GlorV1 said...

Those cinnamon rolls also awaken memories for me. My dad, sweet dad made breads, sweet bread, cinnamon rolls and wow, the house smelled so good when he was at his best. Hey Steve, how nice of you to let me know that Mr. Jiggy will not be getting raisins. I hope he is better and improving. I miss seeing pix of him. Give him a hug for me and tell him that I will pray for him tonight so that he can be free of any kind of pain. He crosses my mind quite often. Have a great Thursday.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- You cannot go wrong. By then, I may even be living in the bank building.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- Good point. I need to post another picture of Jiggs. His coat has grown out quite a bit. But, don't be surprised how much older he looks. Time is catching up with him.