Saturday, August 29, 2009

hurricane jimena

I have had a couple of email asking what effect hurricane Jimena is having on us in Melaque.

In a word -- nada.

I pity any boats out there in its path on the Pacific. It is quite a storm -- a class two hurricane with sustained winds of 105 MPH. There was a time I drove that speed. Now, I cannot even imagine being on the ground and clipping along at that rate.

The storm is south of us and far enough out to sea that when it comes by off shore, we may get some wave activity, a bit of wind, and, I hope, some rain.

The people on Baja may not be so lucky. At the moment, the hurricane is headed toward the southern tip of Baja like an 8 year-old's tongue ready to lick a popsicle. But this meeting will not be that benign.

We continue to watch.


Babs said...

Heavens, I didn't even know anything about it. Wish we could get some rain from it.....actually, a lot of rain!

Steve Cotton said...

Me, too. Unfortunately, it looks as if it is headed the wrong direction to give us much relief. What an odd "wet" season. You cannot imagine how miserably hot it has been here without the usual rain storms. But, you have been suffering up there in your desert, as well. So, you probably can.

Leslie Limon said...

So very glad to hear that you are out of harm's way.

Steve Cotton said...

Leslie -- Thanks. I guess I am getting a little greedy. I want the storm far enough away not to blow down the nouse, but near enough to give us all a nice rain storm.

Steve Cotton said...

Here is an update: If Jimena stays on its current course, it is goiub to hit Baja straight on, and it will impact both sides of the Sea of Cortez.

Anonymous said...

We just narrowly escaped a hurricane ourselves. Hope Baja is OK.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where, when we run out of other things to worry about, worry about a rerun of the 1938 hurricane.

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- I was just reading about Danny. It looks as if you dodged it, but it still emptied the beaches. For us, the morning is an overcast day at the beach. The Guadalajara tourists are in town skim boarding their hearts out. That is, the guys are. This is the first beach I have seen that was populated almost exclusively by young men.

Felipe said...

I drove a small motorcycle 100 mph one dark night on a rural California freeway. I wore no helmet and, unlike later years, I was stone sober, just a nutty kid of 19.

I felt like a raging hurricane.

A Honda 305. I´m surprised that baby went that fast.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- I had a 240Z in Greece. For reasons too difficult to explain here, I was not restricted by the Greek speed limit on its toll roads. According to the speedometer, I regularly drove the thing at 125 MPH. It was a hoot, even though I scared most of my passengers to near death.