Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a pinto in every garage

Mel Brooks is a comic genius.

In High Anxiety, disguised as an elderly man, he goes through the airport metal detector. It beeps. He throws his hands in the air, and yells:

"Is this a game show? What did I win, a Pinto?"

That phrase (with all of its sardonic layers) -- "What did I win, a Pinto?" -- comes to mind every time I hear someone being acclaimed for some dubious accomplishment. For example: the American grade school tendency to give an award to everyone without regard to merit.

Well, if I had a Pinto, I would hand it over (tax-free) to a reader in Mérida, who, at 10 on Monday morning was the 80,000th hit for this blog since April of last year.

We bloggers do this. We start talking about hits. We then acknowledge that most people end up on our pages by accident (and often leave with the same expression of a Lutheran minister who mistakenly wanders into a topless bar). And then we don our Jeremiah outfits and lament over all of those other hits: why don't more people leave comments?

Well, I am not going to do that. Other than, I already did.

I am simply going to take the opportunity to say that I get a kick out of writing this thing. I am also pleased that a number of people read it regularly -- and some are willing to be part of the conversation.

The only thing that truly amazes me is that the people who comment here are capable of disagreeing with me -- and one another -- in civil tones without attacking one another. That is rather rare in civil society -- let alone on the internet.

But enough self-congratulation. Let's get down to our winner.

This is the winner's statistic. If you get in touch with me, I know some children in a parking lot who could probably help us find a spare Pinto.


Alan said...

Ah, yes, a pinto. Unsafe at any speed, but then I guess I mix my vehicles, a Corvair just does not do Mel Brooks justice!

1st Mate said...

Wow, you have now officially hit the big time, Steve. You're doing something right. And he stuck around for 25 minutes? This wasn't just a casual drop-in!

Anonymous said...

Geez, a couple of thermal "events" and a vehicle line gets a bad rep?!?
Mel has an excellent sense of humor, I've enjoyed almost all of his work.
I say find a laundry dropoff joint, they're well worth the money and problem solved.
Congrats about your blog...more proof that it is good writing.

Steve Cotton said...

Alan -- A classic of our generation.

Francisco -- Thanks for the compliment. but this really is a collaborative blog.

Debbie Stevenson said...

Ok, how many of us are there feeling guity about not juming in to comment? I read your blogs on a daily basis. I adore the humor, and hearing about Prof. Jiggs.
Also, being a single middle aged female on the verge of throwig caution to the wind and coming for an extended stay in this beautiful culture. I have to admit, I am wondering why there are NO single middle aged women that I can find that had made this life altering move. Well at least that blogs!
I am learning much from your little endeavours, while planning my new adventure.


Julian in SC said...

Wow... number 80,000 was reading your blog (or at least there) for 25 minutes! I may have been there that long some time ago when I was catching up after finding your blog but now I can come in, read how you
're doing and then I'm gone.

Is Jiggs up for another walk?


Julian in SC said...

Sorry, just read the statistics page and I must say that I had no idea that you, the blogger, had access to some much info. That might be a good subject for a blog... showing the different ways information is saved for you to study....


Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Thanks for being a devoted writer...I can always count on "waking up with Steve" to see what's happening with you before I head out for the day. Keep it up! And give Prof. Jiggs a big doggy hug for us and Sitka.

Darrel said...

Congrats Bro! Keep up the great writing. Hopefully all the adventures, mishaps and challenges will continue so you don’t run out of material. Keep living “MY DREAM”.

Karen said...

A big thanks to you for writing each day. I read your blog every morning. I love to hear how your adventure is going and compare your town with my part of Mexico, some things the same, some different but Mexico is always interesting.Hope Jiggs is feeling better, heard from another blog, he was having stomach issues.

Constantino said...

Lutheran minister who mistakenly wanders into a topless ?
You give the clergy too much moral credit when they are alone....They are only human and are subject to the same pitfalls we all are...unless you are a pious non- marrying priest...
Bravo on the visit counter! Now if we could only convert those hits to dollars we would be rich!

Babs said...

Congrats STeve - I come on a few times a day to use your blogroll to see who has written. I sure like that feature. I had no idea you could check all that info - so you must see ME frequently - ha.
Tell that woman up above, Debra to come over to www.babsofsanmiguel.blogspot.com to see how a middle aged woman made the transition nine years ago to living in Mexico......it's fun!
I too enjoy your writing and have a panicky feeling if you haven't - like OMG what has happened to Steve! So keep it up - we all enjoy your foibles and successes.

Anonymous said...

Ok --- bustedd. I use your blog roll too. I check yours and others' out everyday.


Felipe said...

Steve, there are so many loony aspects to your wacky personality, it´s hard not to read this thing. It´s like flypaper.

I keep flipping from thinking you will (can) stay in Mexico to thinking you will not. But I remain firmly convinced, as do others, that you will only be content in San Miguel. You do, as you have stated, need an audience, and I am not sure a strictly online audience will cut the mustard over the long haul.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 80,000 hits on your blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading your writings every day. It is a way of staying close and knowing how you are doing. Also, it keeps me up on how Jiggs is doing.


Steve Cotton said...

Debbie -- Glad you like the blog. I am certain there are some middle-aged single women bloggers out there in Mexico blog land.

Julian - Jiggs is not doing well right now. He has developed some internal bleeding that the veterinarian attributes to an infection. But he is not very interested in eating or walking right now. But thank you for asking.

Cynthia -- As long as post-worthy thoughts keep rolling in, I will keep writing. I was just thinking about what I will do during my two weeks in Salem in September.

Darrel -- Since it is your dream, maybe I should hand it off to you for a couple of months.

Karen -- Jiggs is not doing well today, but he has a great bounce back record.

Constantino -- I like to think that the Lutheran clergy are as capable as anyone to live out their standards. Of course, I am just like Professor Harold Hill: "Kid, I always believe there's a band."

Babs -- I have no way of identifying individual bloggers. But a hit is a hit. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you enjoy the posts.

Donna -- The blogroll is there for everyone's use. I am glad you find it handy. I particularlky like the fact that it re-sorts by the latest post.

Felipe -- If you think this is wacky, you are going to be shocked at the in-person Steve. For some reason, I suspect Patzcuaro or Morelia is a better candidate than SMA. But we shall see.

Mom -- It is certainly better than email.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

So you think that I might have been your 80,000 visitor? LOL, Merida is misspelled on the location, unless there is another city in Yucatan just coincidentally named Mrida?
The visit seems a bit lengthy to me, but it could because I use the blogroll and it opens another tab rather than leaves the site.
Congratulations,I haven't had that many hits in all the time I have had my blog! (I just checked)

norm said...

Rolled a Pinto with five men in it on the way home from the bar, it landed on its feet and down the road we went.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 80,000 hits. Most importantly your blog is enjoyed by you, and your many readers.

Perhaps all Lutheran ministers are not the same....


Brubor said...

I begin my work day reading your blog. I don't know why. I suppose it goes with my coffee. Both are fuel to my jet. Fill'er up, please!

Ruth said...

I don't remember which path led me to this blog but I am glad I followed it. What would you do if all 80,000 hits had produced comments?

glorv1 said...

Oh, I don't keep track of who comes and who goes. If someone comments, I answer and I pay them a visit as well. I blog because it's my way of journaling and plus I enjoy that it's there for others to read, if they so desire.
I'm sorry to hear about Jiggs. I hope he does bounce back. Give him a hug for me. Take care and congratulations on 80,000....I'm sure it's more by now. :D

Lin Dorton said...

Steve, I've been reading your comments on Theresa's blog for a year and a half and only today realized you have a blog. Congrats on 80,000 visitors. I will read some posts and make some comments.

Why didn't you come to our bloggers' meeting?

Steve Cotton said...

Theresa -- SiteMeter's place name spellings often confuses me. They must have a space limitation -- or a typist with my skills. One reason I think it may be you is that you posted a comment about that same time. That would also explain the longer hang time.

Norm -- In danger there is safety?

Steve Cotton said...

Alberto -- I never thought I would enjoy writing this blog as much as I do.

Brubor -- Gee. It is almost like hanging out at the lunch table with you.

Ruth -- If I had 80,000 comments to respond to, I would probably end up writing shorter posts. I'm glad you found the site -- however you got here.

Gloria -- Jiggs is getting a bit better. I finally got him to eat some food out of my hand. But he does not seem very interested in anything in his food dish. He is drinking water, though. That is a good sign.

Steve Cotton said...

Lin -- I was in the process oif driving south with the dog when the meeting was in full swing. I would have loved to have been there.

Anonymous said...

OK, the fact that you know the bit depth of my monitor is just downright creepy!


And to Debbie above, you should check out this book: Midlife Mavericks: Women reinventing their lives in Mexico, written by Karen Blue who lives now in Ajijic near Guadalajara. She also writes for MexConnect. You can find her bio here: http://www.mexconnect.com/authors/237-karen-blue


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where someday we'll write a blog. But right now we're just too busy commenting.

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- Monitor status? I get a daily report from the CIA about all of your activities. According to that same report, the Soviet Union should prosper ino the 23rd Century. Waddaya think?

And you do not need a blog. Your comments are blog unto themselves.

Arnie Bautista said...


As a Latino living in the Pac NW, I find your blog interesting. In a bizarro Superman kind of way.

If you decide to move to Puebla and work in a hamburger stand, it would complete this opposite parallel universe thing you got going with me.

No La Familia there. Give it a visit.

Steve Cotton said...

Arnie -- I already did my stint in a hamburger stand -- in Oregon. We will have to live our parallel universes with some other aspect of our respective lives.