Thursday, October 29, 2009

the greatest show on earth

I do not do this very often.

Video is not the best component for blogs. It devours far too much bandwidth.

However, an artist friend directed me to this short film. 20 minutes.

I almost did not watch it. And that would have been a mistake. Fortunately, my "stop saying no" rule kicked in.

And I am glad I did. It was 20 minutes well invested.

I like the music. I like the cinematography. But, most of all, I like the simple tale that this award-winning short film tells.

It is called: The Butterfly Circus.

[Some browsers appear to be having trouble loading the film from the embedded viewer. You can see the film at:]


Anonymous said...

I watched it. Isn't this the type of stuff you used to call "rank sentimentality?" I am enough of a Romantic to say that I believe in hope. Very good movie.


Chrissy y Keith said...

I had heard about this short film and had even seen the opeing scene. I had forgotten its title. Thank you for posting it.

Steve Cotton said...

Horst -- Glad you liked it. You are correct that it is not the type of thing I usually like. But it really hit a chord with me this week.

Chrissy -- Happy to supply the re-link. Let me know what you think after you see the full piece.

Anonymous said...

Butterflies are not free.

The market determines their fair market value.

You may obtain some butterflies outside the market.

But they won't be free. There will be the cost of going to their habitat. The cost of hunting them down -- time, energy, psychology.

In short, nothing is free.

Circuses of butterflies concern me.

Unionization. A rising social consciousness.

Communist butterflies.

Insect world run amok.

These are matters to be discussed by the ever radiant Ayn Rand, the joyous New York philosopher with the original happy face.

A Nony Moose

Steve Cotton said...

ANM -- The layers of irony astound.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I did watch the whole thing. Very lovely.

Dan in NC said...

Steve, Thanks for posting the film. I've actually seen another show on the protagonist, as he is a rather in demand motivational speaker. GREAT video! Thanks again!
Dan in NC

Steve Cotton said...

Chrissy -- Glad you enoyed it. I certainly did.

Dan -- I thought so, too.