Tuesday, October 20, 2009

we have a winner

The polls are closed. The ballots are counted. And we have a winner for Steve's new adventure home until April.

Based on my special vote counting skills, the poll results are:

David Niven's Villa: 0
Ozzie Moves to Melaque: 0
Garden Apartment: 1

Several of you pointed out that only one vote counts -- mine. And some of you noted that I probably had not included all the information necessary to make a decision.

Correct on both counts.

But I should at least give some reasoning for my decision, and a few additional facts.

When I came to Mexico, I fully intended to use Melaque as a base camp for my adventures in Mexico. Due to Jiggs's health, I was not able to do that. But I am now free to travel.

What I do not need is a large house that would tie me down with all of the tasks that go along with home stewardship.

I need only enough space to sleep, to read, to cook, and to occasionally welcome guests. (I should point out that I now have three separate groups of guests coming to Mexico between now and April.)

Of the three houses, all were within about $70 of each other for monthly rent. Cost really was not a factor.

The presence of landlords was an issue. Two of the houses relied on an agent. The third has an owner in town. I chose to opt for dealing directly with the owner.

But the deciding factor was high-speed internet. The only place that guaranteed assistance in getting high-speed internet was the garden apartment. That alone would have led me to live there.

The garden apartment would probably be too small for me as a permanent residence. But I think it will suffice for a short five-month stint.

Several months ago, Jennifer Rose told me that I would not be satisfied with moving every six months. Local residents would not take the time to invest much time in knowing someone who would soon pull up stakes and move his carnival somewhere else.

She was correct. Looking for housing every six months will simply take too much effort -- if I want to tour Mexico.

And if I follow that lesson, I should start deciding where I want to live for a year or so in the central highlights. Guanajuato, Pátzcuaro, Morelia, and San Miguel de Allende are currently on the list. And they will all be good places to visit during the winter.

I doubt I will be getting much use out of that hammock.


Anonymous said...

I believe you have made a good decision based on your needs Steve. I admire your ability to weigh the odds and come up with the best solution. It is time you ventured out to the colonial cities to satisfy your thirst of adventure. Having a large home and the maintenance it would surely entail would only encourage you to stay put. Beuna Suerta!

Calypso said...

Appears to be a good decision - what speed can you get there? Who is the supplier and cuanto? I am researching these options as we speak.

Karen said...

A great choice because it is the one you decided on. Now comes the adventure traveling and seeing all the places that interest you, I envy you I am still working but only a few years to go and then down to Progreso, can not wait so now I am retired through your blogs so I am glad for the high speed internet.

Julian in SC said...

Hi Steve,

Good choice... at least you haven't had the vote problems that Mr. Karzai has had this week. A single vote did the job... good luck in your new digs.


Tancho said...

Just think of what you would do for a OS3 or E3 broadband connection!

Would you like to house sit while we go to SMA, this week?

1st Mate said...

I agree, that high speed internet is a high priority, and if it wasn't reliable at the other places you would probably be unhappy, as much blogging as you do, and much as you like to keep in touch.

I noticed all the places you mention as possibilities for settling down are inland. They all sound pretty good to me, tied as I am to the coast by being the owner of more than one boat. I'm looking forward to your observations of each of those places.

Felipe Zapata said...

Wise choice (I voted for No. 3). And you´re getting visitors? How about that!

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Good choice! Less maintenance always works for me.

GlorV1 said...

You are a wise man. Hoot Hoot! Good choice. Take care.

Joe S. said...

You made the right(my)choice. Congrats

Islagringo said...

Given your reasoning, which is pretty good btw, I think you have made the best choice. Now hit the road and tell us about your travels!

Unknown said...

Now that you've made the decision, how do you Feel?


Irene said...

Good choice and based on that little courtyard with the hammock I would offer to house-sit while you are exploring Mexico. However, they like it when I show up for work. Have fun exploring Mexico and be sure to spend some time in Mexico City.

Paul and Robyn said...

I haveread your blog for awhile now and thought it was time I said hello. I live in colorado but have a home in Platanitos (going north toward San Blas). It is an amazing area and I thought you might want to check it out on your adventure. I have a blog at casalagarto.blogspot.com and a web site at casalagarto.net. You might like to look at the photos of the area.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- Like Don Quixote I shall saly forth to seek Dulcinea.

Calypso -- Our sole internet provider is Telmex with DSL. Two packages are available. I am not certain what the top speed is, but I know I do not have it now.

Karen -- Keep pressing on toward the goal. Retirement is great.

Julian -- Of course, I could have saved everybody a lot of time by just announcing my decision. But it was fun reading the comments. Almost like a political campaign.

Constantino -- If only. I would love to house sit, but obligations will keep me here for the next few weeks.

1st Mate -- I love the coast. But the summers are more than I can bear. I will see if I can now find something more hospitable in the highlands.

Felipe -- It turns out that visitors from the north are not a chimera. I rented it; they are coming.

Cynthia and Mike -- Certainly there will be fewer things to go wrong.

Gloria -- Why thank you, madam.

Joe -- It is our Putnam training put to good use.

Islagringo -- I may need to wait until December before I hit the road. But more on that soon.

DanaJ -- How do I feel? I am not certain I understand the question. I made a logical decision that makes sense to me. Does that qualify?

Irene -- The garden makes the house. There are enough fruit trees to keep it interesting.

Paul and Robyn -- I will take a look. Welcome aboard.

BoBo's Mom said...

Great choice. I really admire your decision making skills.

Steve Cotton said...

BoBo's Mom -- As one attorney to another?

Anonymous said...

i'm with cynthia on this and your decision sounds like the perfect fit for you. reading the comment by the lady who owns a home in platanito reminded me of my adventures there with chris in the winter of 2008. if i haven't sent you a copy of it, let me know. i think you'd enjoy reading it.

have a great day and good luck with your move.


p.s. i too shall live the mexican dream vicariously through you. hopefully someday i can make it real.

Anonymous said...

Well, congrats!

I'm looking forward to your posts from elsewhere.


Kim G
Temporarily in Arkansas
Where good food is hard to come by. Sadly, even barbecue.

wen said...

The David Niven villa used to be painted white and turquoise green.

Which was even more rivetting than the banana. A Mexican friend, born and raised in Melaque and whose casita, we rented in the next block, told us that during the original construction job, a man was electrocuted. And after that death. Not lived in by the owners. And somewhat. Unrentable.