Sunday, February 14, 2010

back -- for a bit

My trip to Los Angeles was interesting.

I watched a camera test, visited Universal Studios and Disneyland, and discovered that Six Flags is closed during the week in the winter.  (I had hoped to feed my roller coaster death-wish.)

One thing I did discover -- or re-discover: Los Angeles can be as cold and wet in the winter as Salem.  The rain: only for one day.  But the cold was a nightly event.  I had almost forgotten how heavily it can rain in California. 

My memory of living there for a year has edited out most of the negative things.  Or perhaps the positive memories have simply pushed out the few negative moments.

But I am back in Melaque -- for three days.  And then I am off to Oregon for a week.

This Sunday is truly my day of rest.  I slept in until 11.  (I am still feeling the after-effects of that cold.)  When I got up, I simply read and got some matters in order for the trip north.  I decided that a bit of Philip Glass on the CD player would set the correct mood: repetition with slight variations.

It has felt good to return to my little oasis on the edge of the laguna.  Even the mosquitoes seem happy I have returned.

For a bit.


Anonymous said...

the mosquitoes will always be there to welcome you ;-)

enjoy your few days at home as well as your time in oregon.


Anonymous said...

Of course the squeeters were glad to see you. Your blood is 99.9% butter/animal fat. They'd have to fly to France to get anything better.

A. N. M

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- I am enjoying every moment until I leave for Oregon.

ANM -- Far too accurate.