Wednesday, February 10, 2010

not at home

I am a stranger in a strange land.

At least, a stranger in my own house.

I moved into the new place in mid-December.  Within two days I was on my way to Oregon for a two-week Christmas stay -- and we all know what happened there.  I was in Oregon for four weeks.

I then returned to the house for three weeks, and took off for Los Angeles for a week.

By my calculations, I have spent more time in The States since I moved in than I have spent in the house.

So, let me introduce my home to you -- and, perhaps, to myself.

You saw a hint of it when I was trying to decide where I should live from December to April: a moving experience.  But I need to show you a bit more of the place.

Here are the basics.  The house is a duplex with twin two-bedroom apartments stacked atop of each other.  Walking from one apartment to the other is it own déjà vu experience.

As you know, the house is not on the beach.  It sits on the laguna.  And that gives it a far different feel than a beach house.  The laguna provides a serenity that can come only from the presence of still water.

Even though the apartments are twins, they are fraternal twins -- or, at least, a special type of fraternal twins.  Identical inside -- completely different on the outside.

Mexico is an outdoor country.  The upstairs apartment has a roof garden.  The downstairs apartment -- my apartment -- has a garden.

I was thinking about the best way to introduce you to the house.  Here is my suggestion.
  • A tour of the roof terrace will give you an idea of my neighborhood.
  • A tour of my garden will show you where I relax.
  • A tour of my apartment will let you know what the place looks like -- whether I am there or not.

It is time I met my own living arrangements -- before it is time for me to head north on my six-month sabbatical.


Anonymous said...


what a lovely courtyard! the plants are beautiful, especially the bouganvillea. wish we could grow those in wa. my house is like a jungle with well over 30 indoor plants. i'm hoping that during your sabbatical you can come and visit sometime. maybe you and cynthia and mike can come up and we can have a mini blogger/reader reunion ;-) i'll cook you some cuban food.

have a great day!

Tancho said...

Next to the lagoon? How bad are the mosquitoes?
Well, you certainly have not been too idle, and will have a fond memory of your brief retirement. Maybe when you really retire you will land in SMA, with a roof garden and lots of stuff you keep you occupied.

Anonymous said...

How odd this blog --
going outside to get inside,
viewing exterior structures
to find the mind within:

a verdant garden
growing and holding hopes
of peace and quiet;
a bedroom of nocturnal sanctuary;
a roof-top launching pad
for the rocket of imagination.

Cosmological evidence
of a distant resident
moving ghostly
in and out.

Almost there
but not quite.


Beth said...

You're confused on your terms. A sabbatical is what you've been on. You're coming north to go BACK TO WORK! It boggles the mind.

Irene said...

I love looking at other people's houses. You gave a peek inside when you showed us the new computer table (although it looked more like a command center). I look forward to the view of your neighborhood from the roof .

It is cold and foggy in western Oregon today but you will be back for Spring, which is the best time of year here.

Joe S. said...

Love the courtyard, very nice.

Nita said...

Glad for the the "tour" of your house. Will you keep it when you go back to Oregon? I will miss your Mexican news and views.

Howard said...

When you are really ready to retire, talk to me!

Anonymous said...

Your patio/garden looks inviting.