Sunday, February 07, 2010

on the road again

By the time you read this, I will be in Los Angeles -- for a week.  I have flown up here to consult with a friend about his job interview.

But I intend to keep on posting while I am on the road.  I have several posts I need to complete concerning the health of the laguna.  And I would like to introduce you to the house I will be living in until April.

And who knows what other details I may run across in LA. 

P.J. O'Rourke caught a bit of southern California color when he noted that people in LA buy fancy cars simply to impress people.  "They could have impressed people with a teenage lover or a Lucien Piccard wristwatch, but they couldn't lock these and leave them in front of their houses."

Ah, that P.J.  Always shocking and amusing.

So, I will search for likely targets to lampoon in la-la land.

What my Mexican neighbor calls northern Mexico  -- I think only half in jest.



Calypso said...

Have a great trip Amigo.

Almost any car option is a reflection of who one is to some degree or another I think.

Performance and style have their place - but then we go and get practical on ourselves. ;-)

Merida Mikey said...

Looking forward to hearing about LA and your updates on the laguna near your home in Mexico.

I haven't been to LA, but everyone tells me if you go, be sure to keep one hand on your wallet and the other hand on your pistol!

Be safe, enjoy!

Felipe said...

Women are rarely impressed by a man with a teenage lover. It tends to piss them off. It does impress other men, however.

Anonymous said...

so glad you'll continue top post during your trip. have a great time and take care of that cold. hopefully it's almost gone by now but i have a feeling it isn't.

tu amiga,

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Los Angeles, Mexico's 2nd largest city.
What an interesting place, fun to visit, fun to leave. In Northern California half the people seem to be from there. The other half seem to want to go there....what a contradiction.
Have fun!

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- And I am the perfect reflection of your wisdom. In my youth, I longed for style and speed. Now I settle for the practicality of my SUV.

Merida Mikey -- I like LA. It has a lot to offer. But I will be happy to be back in Melaque at the end of the week.

Felipe -- PJ wrote the line in the 1980s when men simply attempted to impress men. LA was the capital of chauvinism. If you listen to The Streisand, little has changed.

Teresa -- The cold is hanging on. But I intend to enjoy my week here. Some theme parks may be in our future.

Theresa -- A week in San Francisco would be fun, as well.

Joe S. said...

I was rather hoping you'd purchased the Northern Empress from Juneau, the blue boat in the center! I myself am on day ten of my cold.There is no warmth in Oregon to bake it our of me.

Rick said...

Steve, nice photo on this post but that surely isn't the Los Angeles I know? Have I missed something?

Steve Cotton said...

Joe -- And LA is hardly much warmer. The cold thrives.

Rick -- The photograph is of a hotel in Barra de Navidad. Nice, eh? I want to stay there at least one night before I head north in April.