Wednesday, February 17, 2010

four on a string

Bellas Artes del Pacífico is at it again.

If they have their way, Manzanillo will be the cultural center of the Mexican Pacific coast.

As you know, I missed the Russian ballet in December.  But I enjoyed the San Luis de Potosi Symphony in January.

This month, it is Russian strings.  Or, more accurately, the St. Petersburg String Quartet. 

Terms like "distinguished," "world renowned," and "award-winning" fill the publicity material.  This certainly is not some fly-by-night group.

I have not seen the actual program notes, but I know they will be performing some Mozart, Schulhoff, and Dvorák.

Here are the basics --

When: Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time: 8:00 PM

Where: Marbella Salon, Manzanillo

Tickets: $350 pesos each  (available at Juanito’s restaurant, Marbella Salon, Hotel Colonial, or Chantel

And I will give you my impression when I see them -- after I return from Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, I'd love to be in Mexico to see this performance, but alas I am hundreds of miles away. Sigh.

Minor note: I believe that February 25 is a Thursday. Wednesday is the 24th.


Steve Cotton said...

Alee' -- Nice to hear from you. And thank you for correcting my dates. I have a tendency to do that.