Sunday, March 21, 2010

temporarily out of service

If it is not one thing, it is another.

I returned home last night to discover I am without telephone and internet -- probably until later in the week.

I will be back on line then.  It will give me some time to get accustomed to my crutches.


Laurie said...

Steve! The Calamities Need to End. Soon. Stop it. Or stay home, with a pot of tea and read the book of Job until it ends.

Nita said...

I'm waiting for a comment from your mother.

Christine said...

I am in high sympathy with your new life on crutches. I broke my foot a year ago while on a trip from Manzanillo to Zihua. After that experience, I have taken extremely good care of my feet. I soon found out that Mexico is not an easy place to get around if you do not have the use of two good strong healthy feet/legs. I am glad you will be in Oregon while you get used to using crutches, anyway. Good luck and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

I was re-reading your blog on your injury. It brought back memories of when I was learning to ride a motorcycle. Darrel wasn't old enough to have a drivers license, alto' he raced motorcycles on the track. He would tell me "come on mom, it is time for your lesson." He wanted me to give him a ride to a friend's house. I would get on the motorcycle and off we would go. I was petrified with fear. I would look way up the road, knowing there was a stop sign coming up and I would have to stop. I kept thinking I should put my foot down to stop, but fortunately I didn't. I can understand why you did. It is automatic.


Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- Last night I knocked my new (and too expensive) external hard drive off the computer table. It is as dead as Jezebel. Perhaps the plagues will end when I head north. Though I am not counting on it.

Nita -- See below.

Chistine -- I now get an opportunity to use my crutches on some of the most deadly ground in the world. I have been avoiding trips outside my gate. The photograph of the inevitable header would be too humiliating.

Mom -- Nice story. Where was I?

Anonymous said...

You asked where were you. You were probably engrossed in reading. If you remember, I used to make you quit reading and come outside and play baseball with Darrel and me. Or you may have been off riding your motorcycle with Pam.


Steve Cotton said...

Both sound plausible.

I wonder why I wasn't the one helping my younger brother get around? (I am certain that will get some kind of reaction from him.)

Molly said...

Where are you now Steve? Can I bring you anything? Advise please my dear.

Steve Cotton said...

Penny -- All is well Well, as well as can be expected with a broken ankle. I am back at Casa Nanaimo.