Thursday, May 13, 2010

living luggage

OK.  OK.

I know that everyone does not share my fascination with the crocodile that lives in my laguna inlet.

It reminds me iof a conversation Arlo Guthrie had one evening with Johnny Carson concerning environmentalists.  The heir of alternative America, criticized the defenders of endangered species: "If a Tyrannosaurus rex was rampaging through their neighbors' yards, they would be in favor of the dinosaur."

In relationship to the crocodile, I guess the accusation applies to me.

He may be a slight danger to the public, but i accept the risk.  I just hope he stays off the malecon.  If he starts cruising the tourist walkway, he is bound to end up as a handbag.

My land lady emailed this photograph to me.  He appears to be content resting in the sun in the newly-cleared area.


We did it for him.



Anonymous said...

The poor crocodile. All alone. No wife, no children. No friends. He must be lonely. But, he has "the friends of the Luguna " to clear out space for him. I wonder how old is he.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Cotton,

Since Crocodile is without family, children, and friends (what Sartre would call the hell of other people), his appearance is probably much younger than his actual age.

I choose not to think of him as lonely, but, rather, as a self-satisfied Victorian bachelor, quite at home with all his eccentric habits -- one of which might be to take a chomp out of one of his "friends of the Luguna."

But, then, again, I am probably projecting.


Brubor said...

I, for one, share the fascination with your Lugana neighbor. That's why I have a croc on my desk (albeit a colorful ceramic croc). If I cannot have the real thing, I will a reasonable facsimile. Or an unreasonable one.

Leslie Limon said...

I too am fascinated with your laguna friend. He looks pretty happy in the clearing that was made for him. :)

During Semana Santa there was a news story about a boy whose arm had been bitten off by a crocodile. I didn't catch where it had happened, but I kept hoping that it wasn't this cute little guy. (I later learned that it happened at a golf course in PV.)

How's the ankle coming along?

Croft said...

My wife raves on for hours about the deer that come to visit and snack on her flowers. The same as your crocodile, the land was theirs before it was ours. Or, like Latinos in the USA, "The border crossed, we did not cross the border".

Your crocodile owns the Laguna and will still be there when we are gone. We are only visiting.

Gracias Cocodrilo!

Steve Cotton said...

Mom -- I suspect the crocodile thinks he has a nice solitary life. Just like your son.

ANM -- Project away.

Brubor -- And a good desk ornament it is.

Leslie -- There are stories now and then from Boca de Iguana and La Manzanilla of croc-dog encounters. I have heard of none in Melaque -- though, there are signs warning the unwary.

Croft -- I hope this one survives.