Thursday, June 17, 2010

caring more or less

I do not do this very often.

For a good reason.

I generally do not like videos in blogs.  They are tricky things.  Slow to load.  Quick to offend.

Maybe it is the subject matter. 

Most of them are meant to be either witty or humorous.  If meant to be witty, the butts of the wit often take offense.  If meant to be humorous, a lot of people simply do not think the joke is funny -- or worse, fail to see the humor itself.

Realizing I am indulging in the internet equivalent of trying to draw to an inside straight, I post this video.  My dear niece (You know.  The one whose graduation ceremony and party went unattended by a certain blog author.) sent me the video embedded below.

She knows I love word play.  And that I often affect a certain southern English tone in my speech.  As if Powers had been relocated located to Oxford from Coos County.

To assuage any guilt I might have (as if I had suddenly developed a conscience), here is Kaitlyn's offering.

I hope you enjoy it.

Note:  If you are having trouble seeing the full video box or getting the site to open, try this link to the host site.


Anonymous said...

Um, no video? Just a black square.

Anonymous said...

This and when people say "desert island" rather than "deserted island". While I'm on a roll it's "kitty corner" not "catty corner" (there's no such thing as a catty). Oh, I could go on but it won't change anything.

Todd said...

Now I want an inflatable hover fort!!!

Adrienne on E Street said...

I love it! My mother's parents were Canadian, and she spelled color with a "u" and wrote a "cheque" to pay a bill. We also say toe-mah-toe, not toe-may-toe, which has not always been understood by the Subway chef making my sandwich.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Loved it!

Tancho said...

Damn good, Old Beene!

Anonymous said...

I simply couldn't care less.


Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- Videos are a tricky thing. Due to the sizing, those who can see it are seeing a narrower window. I will post a direct link.

Francisco -- I am getting to that stage in life where I do not care how people speak, as long as I get in on the conversation.

Todd -- Weird. I had the same thought.

Adrienne -- Somewhere I picked up the pronunciation of process as PRO-cess, as if I had stepped out of a Noel Coward play.

Chrissy -- My niece passes on the greatest stuff.

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- Would that be Mr. Bean?

ANM -- You must be turning into Florence King. "I would love to do it. I simply don't want to."

NWexican said...

Good "irregardless" of what others may think.. ;)

Anonymous said...


Howard said...

I am a little ambivalent about this. I care, but I am not sure how much or how little. My caring is less than total but more than none.
How should I express this? I could care more, - that appears to be permissible. I could care less - no, not allowed, simply because of the presumption that "could care less" means "could not care less". I you want to presume what I mean, and take a meaning contrary to what I actually say, then there is really no point in me talking to you. Let me just say that my caring is less than it might be(but more than zero) and could be more if you made your point with greater clarity.

Anonymous said...

LOL ! Jolly good. PRO-cess eh ?

Do you perhaps also say SHED-ule

instead of schedule ?


Steve Cotton said...

NWexican -- Good one that.

Anonymous -- So, is there a reason?

Howard -- As always, to the point.

N. -- No shed-yule for me.