Friday, June 25, 2010

i'd rather be right --

Yes, I know.  I need a pedicure.  I shouldn't wear torn shorts in public.  You are tired of hearing the tale of my right foot.

Did I cover everything?  I thought a little preemptive strike might whet your appetites.

Or maybe I am just being defensive.

Either way, what you have here is a self-portrait of Steve Cotton standing on his own two feet.  You will have to take my word that I stopped in full stride to get the shot.

And I could have taken the photograph any day since Monday.  When we returned from Spokane, I decided it was time to give up the crutch I was using as a cane.

And then I took the extra step (or steps) to walk over to the hospital last night to the Coumadin clinic.  We're not talking Lawton Chiles walks here.  It was just a few blocks.  But I was able to walk without much difficulty.

Today I went to Costco with my Mom before I took her out to dinner.  Just a week ago that would have been a major adventure on my crutches.

Am I healed?  Hardly.  I still have no subtle motion in my ankle -- making me as prone to falls as a professional tort filer.

But I can get around.  Before long I hope to have enough strength in my right foot to drive.  But not today.

I have one more physical therapy appointment -- on Monday.  Then I will be on my own to do exercises.

If all goes well, I am going to the Portland Zoo on Saturday.  Because our summer weather has finally arrived.

And this may be the last medical bulletin on my foot -- at least, for a while.

And, no, Laurie, I am not getting a pedicure.


Anonymous said...

Good to read you're doing better. Do the exercises, at our stage of the game, it takes longer to heal.

Laurie said...

That's alright by me Steve, as I am going to get one next week for myself.

Calypso said...

That lower right leg looks swollen still - take it easy amigo - no reason to hurry anything - you are retired - sort of.

Babs said...

It's none of my business, BUT don't you think going from using crutches last week to the zoo this week is stretching it by several miles?

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- I intend to regularly get over to an exercise club when my PT ends. We shall see.

Laurie -- Get a second one. Say it's for me.

Calypso -- The right lower leg is swollen. You are correct. I have been wearing a compression stocking to relieve the swelling. But the best remedy appears to be exercising the leg muscles. Thus the trip to the zoo.

Babs -- If I publish it, it is your business. And all advice is appreciated. I am going to take my zoo trip in stride -- as it were. The exercise (at a controlled pace) should be good for my leg. My right thigh needs a lot of rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Babs, and there is some hard earned experience with the observation. Get a cane, they are only 20 bucks or so! Why undo the progress that has been made? Judy

Steve Cotton said...

Judy -- I am taking one crutch along to use as a cane just in case I need it. Today my foot is a bit bothersome. Taking along some insurance tomorrow will not be a bad idea.

Irene said...

Have fun at the zoo. I hear they currently have dinosaurs there. If your ankle/foot starts to bother you go for a ride on the zoo train.

Joe S. said...

Hey Beav, I think I found Lumpy!

Steve Cotton said...

Joe -- Yeah. The edema and the compression stocking do not blend for a good look.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Glad to hear you are better. Our health is everything really.

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- It is certainly nice to have a bit of it back.

Tancho said...

I would like to thank you for writing about your experiences from the unfortunate accident to the healing process.

I hope that your mobility will return to 100% ! It actually will probably we excellent since now you have had a regimen of exercise those locations have not often seem.

As a result of your tribulations you have saved me $60 dollars for which my wife used to purchase herself a nice pair of beach shoes and outfit at our island getaway.

As we were touring our island they were offering zip line experiences between the top and bottom of one of the canyons on the island. I pondered for a split second, but then your experience snapped me back to reality. As I saw the bus load of thrill seekers unload the bus, I confirmed my decision... they were all under 35 years of age.
I just do not see myself in the picture with walking sticks at this point of my life. And since I have given up on the motorcycle dream, I'll have to find some other excitement choice. Glad your almost back to to speak.

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- I doubt even my slow recovery will keep me off the zipline platforms when I return to Mexico. But I thank you for the nice words.