Saturday, June 12, 2010

living color


It was one of the reasons I moved to Mexico.

There is nothing pastel about the place.  Reds.  Yellows.  Blues.  Primary and bold.  Color and light.  Everywhere.

Color has always been a big part of my life.

When my brother and I were in grade school, one of our magic moments was sitting in front of our first color television set.  Our entertainment world changed from black and white to color -- overnight.

The most memorable experience was every Sunday evening.  Disney's "Wonderful World of Color."  The Disney people knew exactly how to use the new technology.

And that legacy continues.

On Friday night, Disney premiered a new show at its California Adventure park: nostalgically entitled; "The Wonderful World of Color."

To call it a show is an understatement.  It is almost a new type of entertainment.with fountains, water screens, animation projections, sound, flames, lights, lasers.  All combined to stretch all of the viewer's senses.

If you want European subtlety, you are at the wrong show.  This piece is as American as Sousa.  As brash as a Broadway musical.  As powerful as a space launch.  "Exuberant" only begins to do it justice.

There are nearly 1,200 programmable fountains.  Some that reach 200 feet high.  The water screens are 380 feet wide and 50 feet tall.  More than 30 high definition projectors shoot images on the water screens.  It is Fantasmic on steroids and ecstasy.

And, of course, the Disney film clips are shameless self-promotion.  But, why not?  After all, that is why the audiences are there.  To enjoy the park with their Disney friends.

We took the photograph at the top of this post when we were in Anaheim during February.  The technicians were merely running screen tests then.

But if you want to see a version of the show itself, take at look at this.

I can hardly wait to see it in person.

In color.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

We had our 1st trip to Disney World this Spring - mine too.

It was a truly "American" experience. We had a great time.

The organized commercialism was beyond description. However, it was fun commercialism.

Not the kind of place I want to go every year but glad we did it.

Anonymous said...

So tell me again, Jack. You sold the cow for how many magic beans?