Friday, July 09, 2010

dew point perfect

Summer showed up in Oregon on its first date and proposed marriage.

No flowers.  No candy.  Just a demand to get hitched -- right now.

Nothing subtle here.

We usually have an easy transition in our weather during June.  The rains of May stop, the overcast starts clearing, and the temperature slowly increases.  By the second week in June, we start feeling as if we have survived another rainy season.

Not so, this year.  June was cloudy.  Sporadically wet.  Disappointing.

Whoever was dozing at the weather gauge must have been jabbed in the ribs earlier this week.  Because the dial jumped from Dreary Spring to Hades Light over night.

The state of my birth is not a stranger to heat.  But this past week has been a jolt.

We have had several days now with temperatures in the 90s.  You can see today's forecast at the top of this post.  We have benefited from the same heat wave that has engulfed the United States in its warm embrace.  Mother Nature's love can sometimes be smothering.

A couple days this week, we had higher temperatures than Melaque.  But I was far more comfortable here.  Our humidity was running about 18% while Melaque's was 75%.  And our nights have been picture perfect -- in the 50s and 60s.  My neighbors in Melaque do not get that sort of relief.

For me, this week has been almost perfect weather.

I just wish I could enjoy it.  Unfortunately, I have been experiencing this great summer in a hermetically-sealed office building with air conditioning.

But the weekend is here.  And it is time for me to get out there and enjoy what I like best about Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Did you write that your humidity was 18%? The lowest it is during summer in Mich, and it's very rare is approx 38%. I'm guessing it averages around 50%. We, like Oregon have had 5 straight days in the 90's with humidity around 70%. If you were not swimming or under a/c it was not fun. It's funny, I don't remember the heat bothering me when I was younger. When all said and done.....sure beats snow!!
Best Regards,

Laurie said...

Glad you are having a bit of good weather. In H. too. Weather is almost perfect at least in Tegu. Lows in the 60s and highs maybe reaching 80. Showers lately almost nightly and not during the day! Woo hoo! Enjoy your good weather, and remember that South of the Border elevation is the key to good climate.

Anonymous said...

What is the weather but what the gods do to us for their pleasure, little boys with magnifying glasses seeing which ants can get the furthest before turning into rigid ash?

There is no justice in nature. Only impulse. Outside the hermetic confines of modern architecture lies a jungle red in tooth and claw, thermometer.

Adapt or die.


Anonymous said...

Ah, how I do miss Oregon's kind of 90 degree weather. As I do my 4.6 mile walk in 104 degree weather with who knows how much humidity, I dream of the days in Oregon with just a trifle bit of uncomfortableness. Enjoy. Mary

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- With the humidity as low as it has been, we are having a very nice summer. Of course, if the sun stays out much longer, our humidity will increase. Not to Michigan standards, but high enough.

Laurie -- I need to start looking in the mountains for a more permanent roost.

ANM -- In summer, we do not seek justicce from the weather. We merely seek pleasure. And we are pleased.

Mary -- We really do have great summers here in The Valley.