Sunday, January 16, 2011

breakfast with babs

This week has been one good thing after another.

Earlier in the week,
Babs called.  She is in town and wanted to know if I would like to join her for breakfast.

As you know from yesterday (
no candles -- no cake), I may have cut back on the amount of food I eat down here, but I have not cut back on one of my favorite pastimes -- social dining.  And dining with Babs is something I would never pass up.

I have known her longer than I have known any of my fellow bloggers.  We started corresponding while I was still trying to make up my mind whether or not to retire.

From the start, she has tried to recruit me into the ranks of the San Miguel de Allende lot -- to become a gang member, as
Richard Lander would say.  And, once again, she put on a full court press. 

All the usual positives of San Miguel.  Music.  Concerts.  Art.  And just plain fun with good dining companions.  I have to confess, she always makes it sound very inviting.

But we talked about other things, as well.  How our personal lives are going.  The growing lack of civility (on almost everything) in American culture.  How the bloggers' conference went.  Updates and assessments of other bloggers.

The time went by far too fast. 

But I will give some thought to San Miguel.  I was hoping to get up there this winter.  I may be heading over to Guanajuato later in the month, but i doubt I will be able to fit in another stop.  At least, not on that trip.


Saturday was also a fund-raising day.  My land lady is very active in Cisco's Amigos -- the local organization that sponsors a dog and cat spay and neutering clinic each November.

The results of their work is very noticeable on the streets.  There are fewer stray cats and dogs than when I first starting visiting this area of Mexico. 

This last November 276 animals were neutered or spayed.  The number may not seem large.  But each year, it is that many fewer neglected animals on the street.

It is good work.  And I like to support it.

The organization has chosen to raise its fund through an annual bingo tournament tied to a silent auction.  The fact that most of the silent auction items are sold for more than their face values is proof enough that the people who attend the event know the value of the organization's work.

I have little interest in bingo, but I always bid on one of the restaurant silent auction options.  And it is always the same one: Victor's Place, where I had breakfast with Babs. 

I was the high bidder last year, and never got around to using the certificate.  And I was the high bidder again this year. 

We will see if I remember to use the certificate the next time I am there.  For some reason, it strikes me as being akin to using discount coupons.

But it was another good day.  Breakfast with one of my favorite people -- and giving a helping hand to the fecund animals of Melaque.

What could be better? 

Well, there was one additional event.  But that will be for another day.  Like tomorrow.


Lauriematherne said...

Go to San Miguel. Like the leaders of Israel who spied on the Promised Land, bring back reports to the multitudes. We want to hear your comments.

Steve Cotton said...

The trip to Guana juato may stop at San Miguel, after all. I am willing to bet the grapes are more impressive than the giants.

Sandra said...

Why leave the beach at this time of year? Might it not be a better plan to wait until June when the weather in San Miguel and area is lovely and when the humidity creeps in on the coast. Just a thought. You may stay longer if you wait.

John said...

Yes - stay out of those Bingo parlors - that can lead to playing solitaire on the computer - no future in that stuff ;-)