Saturday, January 01, 2011

new life -- same location

There is nothing like a new set of sheets and a redesigned blog to start the new year.

Here is the new look. 

Not the car.  Though, that would also have been a nice announcement.  Especially for my niece, who believes that all things good are Ferrari.

I tried to keep the new blog style sleek and simple.  Especially, with a contrast between the background and the text that would not tire the eyes.  And yet new enough that it would not seem like rewarmed dinner.

And that title.*  I suppose it does not take any explanation.  I am an expatriate in Mexico.  Thus, "mexpatriate."  It is not entirely original.  But it is apt.

And the rest?  This is a blog about my experiences.  So, I may as well be up front with it.  What I write is in my own key.  Any transposed keys will undoubtedly be found in your comments.

You have already been introduced to the new comment system.  So far, it is working great.  If you would like to read a very well-written summary of the advantages of the new system, take a look at Felipe's post.  He makes me wonder why I didn't switch earlier.

But blogs are not solely about design.  They are about content.  What will this coming year bring?

I don't have the slightest idea.  And that is what this experiment is all about.  Learning to live a full life in Mexico.  If I knew what was coming, that would defeat the entire purpose.

All I can do is invite you on the rest of this journey.  And we will share this path together.

* -- For those of you who have been kind enough to add my address in your blog rolls, would you mind updating it with the new title?  Gracias.


Felipe Zapata said...

Not bad, not bad. I give it a thumbs up. What really is better is you got rid of that ghastly fireplug red and chili pepper green. I had to stick on my sunglasses when I opened that page. This is far more subtle and nice. It's always good to be nice.

Gary Denness said...

That's much better!

Lauriematherne said...

Quite nice, Steve.

Steve Cotton said...

It will do for now. As you know, nothing ius ever completed in blogdom.

Steve Cotton said...

And it is always good to be subtle. I originally hoped to capture the red and green of Mexico in that version of the blog -- without taking fully into account what it would do to readability. There was just too much going on. My small splash of color should suffice.

Wyntopia said...

I'm very expatriotic. Felicidades!

Nwexican said...


Steve Cotton said...

Nothing like starting the new year with a punny comment.

I was just talking with a neighbor about Guanajuato. I am even more motivated to get up there -- soon.

Steve Cotton said...

Has the new year made you a man of few words?


Jonna said...

Very nice! Subtle with a little flash, I like it. I really like 'In the Key of Steve', nice title and apt. Happy New Year to you my friend.