Saturday, March 19, 2011

no caption saturday

My friend, Jean Young, who once ran a bakery here in Villa Obregon (buttery buns on the beach) and now lives in one of the metropolitan areas in the highlands, sent me this photograph earlier in the week.

I have seen it several times, and I always get a chuckle out of it.

But it amused me even more this week.  Perhaps circumstances in nature let us see more of our own nature.

After almost a year of being on the road, I think I am going to settle down for a bit in my demi-casa. 

And simply watch the birds.


teresa freeburn said...

sounds like a good plan steve! cool picture! one bird telling the other to shut up or is it, "leave some food for me?"

have a great weekend!

Steve Cotton said...

I didn't include the caption that came with the photograph because I thought we could have more fun by providing our own.

Mcotton said...

"No Talking, Just Listen"

Steve Cotton said...

Good caption.