Monday, June 20, 2011

blowing hot

Like almost everyone in Mexico, I have been complaining about our lack of rain.

Well, I think I am about to shut my big yap.  Rain is on the way.  Along with wind.  A lot of wind.

One of my friends in Oregon, Ron, sends me each storm warning for Pacific Mexico.  (I suspect it is a gentle hint that regular lunches in Wilsonville are less blustery than summer weather in Mexico.)  His most recent warning came on Sunday afternoon -- just as I was drafting this post.

Tropical Storm Beatriz is currently moving up the coast of Mexico gathering a head of steam as she waddles west-northwest.  It is the "north" in that advisory that causes some of us to have a bit of concern. 

Because even heading west-northwest will bring Beatriz for tea here on Christmas Bay around tea time on Tuesday.  And, if she develops the temper that the weathermen are predicting, she very well could be breaking tea cups -- as Hurricane Beatriz.

I should point out that we had a couple of hurricanes that were supposed to freight train Melaque two years ago.  They missed.  Unfortunately, in missing us, both hurricanes went on to knock the stuffing out of Baja.

We shall see whether our guest will bring us the blessing of rain or the gusts of minor destruction.


Marc Olson said...

Look like you're in for some stormy weather; here's hoping it's mild. Be careful.

Steve Cotton said...

So far, today is just a muggy day.  But we are starting to see the type of haze that indicates a big buildup in humidity.  Maybe it will just be rain.

ANM said...

I look forward to your rendition of mad King Lear on the heath in his underwear, facing the brutal winds from the north, and your crying out "Blow winds, and crack your cheeks."

Know that your fool will be safely ensconced in his living room, eating Hebrew National hot dogs and sipping tea.  Go, King, go!


Steve Cotton said...

I rage not against the wind; I rage along with it.  Such are we child-changed kings.