Monday, June 20, 2011

out of the blue

A little bit of rain cleans the air.  And the trees, apparently.

I have a large mango tree in the back yard.  For the past month it has been showering mangoes and leaves in my back yard.  I am accustomed to the sound of soft bits of flesh smashing on the pavers.

Just around dusk, I heard a large splat.  Something akin to a load of wet laundry being dropped from a red and blue hot air balloon.

We have had a bit of rain and wind during the day.  The type of weather that starts loosening up things not tightly secured.

I went out to see what was up – or, rather – down.  And this is what I found.

At first, I thought an alien had fallen out of a space ship.  Occam’s Razor was never one of my first principles.

Then I recognized it – or I thought I did.  It was one of the squirrel nests – sans squirrel.  Or, at least I hoped so.  But what it was not without was a bunch of very nasty little black bees who had apparently set up cohabitation with the squirrel.  And they were more than satisfied to take their anger out on me.

I let matters lie until my land lady and a friend stopped by to batten down the hatches of the upstairs unit.  I related my tale of the fallen black bees.  We took a closer look and discovered the bees were doing their best to both fix their storm-damaged and under-insured home.

Rather than wait until daylight, I grabbed a garbage bag and we rolled the lot into it.  Out to the garbage bin it went.

It will be interesting to see what else falls out of the sky in the next day or two.


Mcotton said...

It is good you were able to get rid of those bees, etc.  You shouldn't be bothered in the future by those particular black bees.  I wonder what else the storm will shake out of the trees.

Steve Cotton said...

With this as an example, I am not certain what is going to show up.

Steve Cotton said...

The yuck factor was greatly enhanced by its almost crab-like appearance.  Hollywood special effects ciould not have done better.

Steve Cotton said...

It certainly took me a bit of time to figure out what it was. Getting rid of it in the dark had a bit of Mafia twist to it.