Monday, June 06, 2011

fruit flies down the throat

I forgot to mention yesterday I did find something unexpected at Costco.  Something I would be searching for if I was north of the border.

My one true vice.  The reason I look forward to summer every year. 


After my ham disappointment, I wandered into Costco's cold storage area.  Hoping against hope I could find something to replace my lost trophy.  In truth, I was probably reliving some experience of being turned down for a date by a cheer leader, so, I decided to ask for a date from the prettiest girl in the class.

And maybe that was it.  Some form of high school redemption.  Because right up front was a stack of California cherries.  Not a stack.  Stacks.  Indiana Jones could have not felt a greater tingle in his fingertips.

I grabbed my prize and headed to the cashier.

In Oregon, I had a tradition of eating just a few of the cherries on my drive home.  I am not a fanatic about washing fruit before I eat it.  But dirt and various vermin parts tend to find their way into stored produce.  So, I like to, at least, rinse them off before I pop them in my mouth.

But I love cherries enough that I have invented the Drive Home Rule.  I can safely eat cherries, without washing them, if I eat them on the drive home.  After all, I eat them fresh off of the tree -- when I can.

That is fine when I lived fifteen minutes from Costco.  I now live four hours away.

The photograph at the top of this post is exactly how many cherries I had left in the container when I pulled into Melaque.  Three pounds of cherries down the gullet.

And I do not begrudge myself the experience.

Probably because I bought a second container of dark cherries and a smaller one of Rainiers.  They are going to be rationed a bit more than yesterday’s feast. 

The cost?  About $16 (US) for each of the dark cherry containers and $10 (US) for the Rainiers.

But worth every centavo.

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