Friday, January 27, 2012

chewing the tropical scenery

Mexpatriate has hit the big time.

Of, at least, the small pond variety.

Last week, my pastor, Ron, and his wife, Nancy stopped by my table at a local restaurant -- to welcome me back to Melaque.  Nancy asked if I was aware that one of my posts had been quoted in the regional English-language newspaper.

I hadn't.  During blog staff cuts, the first to go are always the publicists.  I see The Guadaljara Reporter when I am in town, but I had missed the 6 January 2012 edition with its headline: "
Melaque expats shocked by murder of Canadian."

The story, of course was about the death of Robin Wood -- a loss we discussed in death in the family

The newspaper recited the now-familiar facts of Mr. Wood's tragic death.  And then noted that many foreign residents had been frightened by it.

That is where Mexpatriate comes in.  The story continued:
In one well-written blog – – Steve Cotton of Villa Obregon noted that many people posted comments saying they were evacuating Melaque because of the incident.
Cotton, however, won’t be one of them.  “I hope the murderers are caught. I hope justice is done.  But leaving Melaque will not accomplish any of those ends,” he writes defiantly. “I am not leaving. In fact, I will soon be flying back home to Melaque in a few days. And I intend to bring as many people as I can.”
OK.  I confess I am a sucker for praise.  The "well-written" compliment and hyphen homage were enough to make my day.

From the people I have talked to in the last two weeks, their attitude seems to be every bit as "defiant" as my own.  And here I was thinking I was simply plucky.

As far as I am concerned, the article is better than a golden globe award.  (But, then, what isn't?)


Mcotton said...

Your blog always gets high praise from me, even when I don't say so.

Felipe Zapata said...

Okay, Bub, so you wrote this piece to pat yourself on your back? Well, that's fine because his end of cyberspace is well-written. And you are plucky indeed.

Kim G said...

Congrats!  It is  a well-written blog.

Best of luck with the communists.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where someday we'll have to see whether we can write a "well-written blog."

Steve Cotton said...

When you join blogdom, the accolades will flow.

Steve Cotton said...

You know me, I can ride a compliment for days.

Steve Cotton said...

It is cheaper than hiring a publicist.

1st Mate said...

If I were in your neighborhood, I'd be on your blog staff for free. Plucky dudes turn me on.

Steve Cotton said...

And you would be most welcome.

Laurie Matherne said...

Hard work and good writing deserves recognition. Good job, Steve. 

Steve Cotton said...

Thank you, fellow pilgrim.