Saturday, March 17, 2012

fire in the hole

Last night was the big night in our San Patricio celebration.  I didn't get there, but I heard it from my house -- about a mile away.  Both the fireworks and the music.

My blogger pal Sparks over at Melaque on the Costalegre posted the video below on hos site.  It is a great compilation of the excitement surrounding the fireworks.  The castillo and its spinning wheels and rockets.  And, of course, the torito  -- the flaming "bull" that is run through the crowd shooting out rockets.

So, join in the excitement.  Without the fear of having your hair or clothes set on fire.  It is best watched in full screen mode.


Tafreeburn said...

i thought i had commented on this but maybe it was on the person's blog who originally posted the video. some winter we will have to go there and then to another town for semana santa. hoping next time we go to mexico we can also make it to patzcuaro and sma. so many places i still want to see. 

glad you enjoyed the festivities. i have a mexican friend coming to visit today. i will show her the video. my friends and neighbors have been wonderful and have brought so many meals that i ended up sending lunch for steve's boss one day. a friend had brought 3 boxes of sandwiches the previous day and since i didn't think they'd keep, i decided to share. still feeling some pain but definitely feeling a lot better. not going back to work till next week as i am not ready to walk to the subway, or deal with the stairs and crowds.

have a great week steve!  oh, exciting news. chris and abby will get married while we visit them in kingsport, tn this summer. the wedding is set for july 14th.

take care,

Steve Cotton said...

Pass along my congratulations to Chris and Abby. That is good news, indeed.

And I am happy to hear that you are recovering.  Ribs present their own issues.