Saturday, March 17, 2012

one last blast

I may have been misinformed. 

It is the bane of journalism.

Last night may or may not have been the best firework display of our San Patricio fiesta.  Each of the neighborhoods in San Patricio is responsible for financing the fireworks display for a night of the fiesta. 

Last night was sponsored by the neighborhood around the church.  And they traditionally go all out to create the best show.

But today is Saint Patrick’s Day.  And logic would dictate that if any fireworks display is designed to blow the saint into ecstasy, this would be it.

As I was walking through the jardin this afternoon, I caught the fireworks guy in the act of constructing one of their Catherine’s wheels of fire. 

You can see the jets that propel the wheel.  And those smaller objects are the pesky little rockets that shoot into the audience and make us dance a Paleolithic fire jig.

The workers told me tonight would be the big night.  But they are showmen.  Every night is a big night for them.

So, just after dark I will join the bravado community at the base of the castillo for a bit of fun.

I can then let you know if tonight was the best night ever.  First hand.


Andean said...

I always went on the last night only to be told I should have been there the night before--it was better. Well, it looked grand to me!
I usually stay in the square till the toritos start chasing then I run(screaming) towards parked cars for cover--I don't think that remedies anything.

Elke L Gazvoda said...

we stayed home last night, but Vern went up to his palapa to watch the last of the fireworks after the castillo - he said it was spectacular. Guess we're going tonite to see if this is this one will be bigger and better. I think last year was the same, they had the biggest one on the 16th....gotta mark that on my calendar so we won't miss it next year!

Steve Cotton said...

 You are correct.  It sounded huge.

Steve Cotton said...

 I love the torito,  My problem is I can never get a good photograph after he starts running because I am too busy dodging the rockets.