Thursday, April 19, 2012

cruise -- day 6

Well, let's see.  I told you we had seven seas days ahead of us before we saw land again.  At The Azores.

Since this is only our second sea day, I guess we are somewhere in the Atlantic.  Actually, I can simply look at one of the many monitors around the ship to see exactly where we are.

But looking over the side of the ship is easier.  We are in the middle of a lot of water.  Enough water to make me wonder how Columbus ever made his trip successfully.  Of course, he didn't.  He never realized he had failed to reach the East Indies.

Not even this policeman could have given him good directions.



NWexican said...

Like I said, "Hoot"

Irene said...

I wonder what Columbus would have thought if he saw your ship coming over the horizon. 

Steve Cotton said...

Hoot, indeed.

Steve Cotton said...

 Maybe he would have headed back to The Canary Islands.